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Council Housing Allocations Policy

Council Housing Allocations Policy

Information you need if you are on the housing waiting list or wish to apply for a Council property.

In June 2013 we reviewed the Housing Allocation Policy. We committed at this time to review the policy on a regular basis.

There are some areas that we feel should be modified to help us meet the objectives set out in our policy. New legislation was recently introduced so we need to make some changes to comply.

This question and answer section is designed to provide you with the information you will need to understand how properties are now allocated.

Why the change?

Legislation changed so we need to make some alterations to compy with it.
We made a commitment in 2013 to review the Policy on a regular basis.

What do I have to do to make an application?

To apply for a property from the Council you can get a Registration Form from our offices, or you can contact us by telephone, or write or email us. You can also apply online.

We work in partnership with Ochil View Housing Association in a Common Register, so you can also get on the Council Housing Waiting List by applying to both organisations.

You will need to provide us with information so that we can assess your application, including:

  • Personal details such as age, gender and relationships between you (the applicants) and members of your household.
  • Your current housing circumstances, in particular, evidence of insecurity of tenure (if you are likely to loose your home), homelessness or potential homelessness, overcrowding or below the tolerable standard/lacking amenities
  • Any particular housing requirements resulting from health, care or support needs, such as mobility problems (where this affects the type of accommodation required).

We may also ask you for some supporting information, we will tell you what we need and why.

Can I get help to complete the form?

Yes. Our staff will be happy to guide you through completion of the form, please feel free to contact us.

How are properties allocated?

The Allocations system is based on bands, points and quotas. Information of bands is included in the Housing Allocations Policy Summary.

When a property becomes available for let we need to decide who the property is most suitable for. Information on housing demand and estimated supply of housing is used to set targets for lets to groups of applicants, for example let to current tenants, or lets to homeless applicants. A rota system is used to ensure that applicants with various types of housing need have the opportunity to receive an offer.

Once the band to select from has been determined, we then identify all of the applicants in this band whose needs and preferences match the property. We then offer the property to the person with the most points.

Who can apply for housing?

Anyone who is 16 years or over is entitled to go on the housing waiting list. If an applicant is subject to immigration control they may not be entitled to an offer of housing.

What size and type of housing can I apply for?

The Council is committed to giving you as much choice as possible in the size and type of housing which you can apply for. To make best use of stock and keep in line with National Government regulations on Housing Benefit there will be some limits to the choices that you can make.

The criteria we have set is that one bedroom is allowed for:

  • every adult couple
  • any other adult aged 16 or over
  • any two children of the same gender aged under 16
  • any two children aged under 10 regardless of gender
  • any other child aged under 16

The Council has a range of different types of housing across Clackmannanshire and in most instances you can choose which type of property you would like. It is however important to note that the choices you can make will be limited by what is available. In particular, you may wish to consider the following:

Well over half of the properties which become available for letting each year are flats.

Smaller properties are more likely to be flats

Properties on the ground floor will be prioritised for tenants who have been assessed as requiring this type of property for their health or mobility.

You can express an interest in housing in any part of Clackmannanshire, however, the more you restrict your area choices the longer you may have to wait before you are offered a property.

You will be given detailed advice about the realistic housing opportunities available in order to help you make the choices which best suit your particular circumstances.

If I am in arrears with my rent will this affect my chance from receiving offers?

If you have rent arrears or other tenancy related debt for your current or any previous tenancies you had this may lead to you being suspended for receiving offers.

The Council will not suspend from receiving an offer in the following circumstances:

  • You were not the tenant of the house
  • Your debt is not linked to the tenancy of the house (e.g. Council tax arrears)
  • You have paid your arrears in full.
  • The amount you owe is less than one month's rent charge.
  • You have an agreement with your landlord and have kept it for at least 3 months, and are still making payments as agreed.
Does anti social behaviour affect the allocation of a house?

If you, or anyone who would be a member of the your household in a Council tenancy has an ASBO or has a current breach of tenancy notice served then you may be suspended from receiving an offer.

If you are receiving support and there are valid reasons to believe that your behaviour and actions have changed and the anti-social behaviour is unlikely to recur we can remove the suspension.

What happens if an applicant gives the Council false information?

If an applicant has knowingly provided false or misleading information their application will be suspended until it has been re-assessed with the correct details.

If false information has led to the allocation of a tenancy, the Council may take legal action to recover the tenancy.

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