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Recycling A-Z Guide

Recycling A-Z Guide




Please make sure they are empty. Then, remove the lids and place these along with the aerosol cans into your blue bin.

Aluminium Foil
  • clean foil can be recycled in your blue bin,
  • dirty foil can be recycled in the metals skip at Forthbank Recycling Centre.
  • Foil bags used for food eg. crisps are a composite of materials that are not currently recycled at the kerbside.

Please do not take this to Forthbank Recycling Centre or put in any of your bins. Visit the web page on the arrangements for the disposal of household asbestos waste.

Bathroom Products
  • Aerosols, shampoo, bubble bath, moisturiser bottles and containers can be recycled in your blue bin.
  • Razors, toothbrushes, cotton buds, cotton wool and tooth paste tubes should be disposed of in your green bin.
  • Anything contaminated with body fluids should go in your green bin.
  • Donate them to a local charity shop.
  • Deposit them at Forthbank Recycling Centre where we now have a collection service on behalf of Better World Books, a local socially conscious business and global online bookseller.

Please fold or roll and take to Forthbank. Ask a member of staff for assistance.

Cartons for juice and food
Ceramics and Crockery
Chemicals including oil, paint and pesticides

Many of these can be recycled at Forthbank Recycling Centre. Please ask a member for assistance.

Children's Clothes and Toys
  • Clothing can be passed onto younger children to grow into.
  • Check to see if your childs school collects clothing through the Rag Bag scheme as a way of raising funds.
  • Consider swapping clothes and toys with friends who also have children of a similar age.
  • Larger toys, buggies and cots can be sold through adverts in newspapers or on auction web sites.
  • Clothes can be taken to clothing banks that are situated at Forthbank Recycling Centre and at some of our other community recycling points.
Christmas trees

Christmas trees can be taken to Forthbank. There is no kerbside collection.

Confidential Documents

Protect your personal information by shredding it and placing it into your blue bin.

Cooking Oil/Fat
  • Large quantities can be poured into a container with a lid and placed in your green bin.
  • Oil or fat from the frying pan can be wiped up using a piece of kitchen towel and placed in your grey food caddy. (The information panel on the outside caddy has the line - "Other eg Food contaminated paper or card, kitchen towel)."


Electrical Goods including televisions, fridges, hairdryers and toys
  • When replacing household electrical goods such as washing machines and fridge/freezers, ask the retailer what facilities they have for picking up your old machine.
  • If the item is in good working order try advertising it on Freecycle, the local papers or e-bay. Please note that many local charities are not in a position to take electrical equipment.
  • Electrical items can be taken to Forthbank Recycling Centre or some charity shops may take them if they are suitable for use.
  • You can also arrange a bulky uplift.
Engine Oil

Take to Forthbank Recycling Centre and ask a member of staff for assistance.

Fire Works

Take to Forthbank Recycling Centre and ask a member of staff for assistance.

Food Packaging
  • Food contaminated paper and card
    • Place into your kitchen caddy. Check the information panel on the outside food caddy which has the line - "Other eg Food contaminated paper or card, kitchen towel."
  • Clean plastic food trays
    • Recycle in your blue bin unless they are made of expanded polystyrene. Place polystyrene waste into your green bin.
  • A food tray contaminated with burnt food and difficult to clean should go into your green bin.
Food Waste
  • Any liquid and food items with a lot of liquid should be disposed of where possible down the drain.
  • All food waste should be disposed of in your grey food waste caddy. More details can be found on our food waste collection page.
  • As an alternative vegetable peelings, fruit waste, tea bags, coffee grounds and egg shells can all be composted.

The average Scottish Household throws away �430 of avoidable food waste every year. Visit the Love food, Hate Waste web site for ideas on how to reduce this.

Garden Waste
Gas Cylinders

Ask your supplier if you can return it to them or alternatively take it to Forthbank Recycling Centre.



Ink Cartridges And Mobile Phones
  • Ask your retailer if they have a 'take back' scheme in place.
  • Check the manufacturers web site to see if they have a scheme in place.
  • If you have children, then the school they attend may collect these for recycling as a way of raising money.
  • Many charities also do the same and often provide freepost envelopes for the purpose. They will usually tell you on their web site.
  • Mobile phones can also be taken down to Forthbank Recycling Centre where they can be placed in the small electrical item recycling container or recycled via a charity collection.
Light Bulbs including Fluorescent Tubes

Take to Forthbank Recycling Centre.

Mail (unwanted)

Unwanted mail can at present be recycled in the blue bin or at some local community recycling points.

Alternatively, you can cut down on the amount of unwanted mail by taking the following steps:

  1. Write to sender telling them you no longer wish to receive these marketing materials.
  2. Register with the Mailing Preference Service. This can be done by either calling 0845 703 4599, visiting writing to:

    Mailing Preference Service
    Freepost 29 LON 20771
    W1E 0ZT

    This service can stop unwanted mail that is delivered to a named addressee at your address - whether this is to you or another named person. The service can stop up to 95% of mail of this type. It cannot however, stop mail from companies with whom you already have dealings, mail that is addressed to "the occupier," or mail that is not addressed. Please be aware that by using this method, it could result in you no longer receiving some mail that you may still wish to receive.
  3. Register to opt out of the Royal Mail's Door to Door service by contacting:

    The Royal Mail Door to Door service
    Kingsmead House
    Oxpens Road
    OX1 1RX
    Tel: 08457 950950
  4. Opt out of the edited version of the electoral register as this version is available for general sale. It can be used by companies for marketing purposes.
  5. Use online services. Ask companies who send you bills if you can use their online service.
For more information, you can visit the Recycle for Scotland website.

These can be taken to Forthbank Recycling Centre.

  • Metal household cans and tins
    • These can be recycled in your blue bin, including the lids.
  • Metal bulky goods, eg pots, prams
Nappy Waste and other Absorbent Hygiene Products

Bag all this material and place in your green bin. If you have a child still in nappies or require a larger green bin for medical reasons then please get in touch on 01259 450000.

Reusable nappies may be an option worth considering. For more information contact: The Go Real Campaign.


Paper and Cardboard

All paper products including envelopes, newspapers, catalogues, yellow pages, cereal boxes can go in your blue bin.

Pet Waste
  • Pet food can be put in your kitchen food caddy.
  • Dog mess and cat litter should be bagged and put in your green bin.
  • Hamster, guinea pig, gerbil and other small vegetarian mammals bedding consisting of straw can be placed in your brown bin.
  • Chicken waste from coups must be placed in your green bin. The contents of the brown bin go through an open composting system that is not hot enough to kill all bacteria. Please do not put it in your brown bin. You can compost this waste in your own compost bin as long as you use it on your own land.
Plant pots and other plastic gardening packaging

This material cannot currently be recycled and should go into your green bin.

Plastic bags, film and wrappings including cellophane, grease proof paper, bubble wrap and crisp bags

We do not offer a collection service for these materials, but some local supermarkets now have recycling points for soft plastics. If not, they should go into your green bin.

Plastic bottles and containers

Recycle these along with the lids in your blue bin, but please make sure they are empty and do take the lids off.

Polystyrene Packaging

Please put in your green bin.

Check the following:

  • The company who delivered to your door will often take packaging for larger items away. Check when you order the item.



Do not overload your brown bin with soil as it will become heavy and if we cannot move the bin easily we will not empty it.


Your optician will often take old spectacles back and donate them to Vision Aid.

Sweet wrappings

Paper wrappers are not true papers they have a coating and should go into your green bin.


There are a number of options for all curtains, towels, clothes, shoes and bags.  These are:

Tissues including paper hankies, kitchen towel and other absorbent hygiene products

These should be placed in your green bin as they are not currently recyclable.


These are no longer accepted at Forthbank Recycling Centre. Residents should approch garages or tyre fitters for advice.


Only lining paper can be recycled in your blue bin. Place all other types in your green bin.

It is difficult to sort out woodchip from flocked and vinyl papers.

Walking Aids

In partnership with NHS Forth Valley, Clackmannanshire residents can return walking aids to Forthbank Recycling Centre for refurbishment and recycling if in good condition.

Items accepted for recycling: Fischer sticks, elbow crutches, auxiliary crutches, metal walking sticks, quad sticks, tripods, zimmer frames, 3 wheeled walkers, 4 wheeled walkers, pulpit frames.

Unfortunately we cannot accept wooden walking sticks, folding walking sticks, wheelchairs.


Wood can be recycled at Forthbank Recycling Centre.

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