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Green Bin Waste

Green Bin Waste


This bin is emptied every four weeks and should be placed on the kerbside with the lid down and the handles facing outwards from 7.00am on collection day.

Bin presentation

A green bin will be deemed to be incorrectly presented if

  • the lid is not fully closed
  • the bin is assessed as being overheavy
  • it contains materials that could be recycled

If your bin contains the wrong materials or is presented with the lid up, we will place a tag on your bin and not empty it until you have rectified the issue. Please refer to our missed bin page.

Materials that should not go into your green bin

  • Paper, card and cardboard go into your grey bin
  • Cans, clean aluminium foil/tubs/trays and plastic bottles/pots/tubs/trays go into your blue bin
  • Food waste goes into your kerbside caddy
  • Plant waste goes into your brown bin
  • Glass bottles and jars should be taken to a community recycling point
  • Small electrical items should be taken to Forthbank Recycling Centre or a charity shop that will accept these items
  • Batteries should be taken to Forthbank or a shop that has a battery collection point
  • Clean cothing should be taken to a community recycling point or charity shop
  • Soil can be re-used in your garden or taken to Forthbank Recycling Cente

Only items that cannot be recycled or reused should be placed in your green bin

These include:

  • Plastic bags and wrappings including cellophane, grease proof paper, bubble wrap and crisp bags.
  • Wallpaper
  • Anything contaminated with body fluids such as nappies, cotton wool, cotton buds and hankies.
  • Pet wastes
  • Packaging heavily contaminated with food waste
  • Rags and cloths that are heavily soiled with oil or grease
  • Polystyrene
  • Window pane glass, broken crockery and glass cookware.

Maximise your space

  • Squash or break up all packaging that cannot be recycled and where applicable, leave lids off.
  • If nappies take up a lot of space then modern quick-drying washable nappies might offer a solution. More information can be found at the Go Real Nappy Information Service.
  • Packaging is necessary to protect items but there are still many occasions where the consumer ends up with unnecessary packaging. Try to avoid goods with unnecessary packaging or ask the retailer to take it back.

Reduce flies and avoid smells

  • Wrap soiled nappies in a plastic bag.
  • Dispose of food in the grey caddy as this is collected weekly.
  • Never dispose of dog waste without placing it in a container. Always bag it.
  • Ensure the bin lid is always shut to keep out vermin and reduce litter.

Excess waste is not lifted at the kerbside but can be taken to Forthbank Recycling Centre.