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Waste Services FAQs

Waste Services FAQs

What do I do if my bin or caddy has not been collected?

We may have genuinely missed your bin and if so, please contact Customer Services as soon as possible on 01259 450000. We will return to empty the bin, normally within 5 working days.

If we could not lift your bin, it will have been tagged because it was;

  1. too heavy or
  2. the lid was open because it was over-filled
  3. the wrong materials were in the bin

If your bin contains the wrong materials or is presented with the lid up, we will place a tag on your bin and not empty it until you have rectified the issue. Please refer to our missed bin page.

I am new to the area - how do I find out when my bin is collected?

You need to contact Customer Services on 01259 450000 or email who will provide you with the following information:

  • The size of the bin and recycling containers you are entitled to.
  • Your normal waste collection days via our Waste Collection Calendar (blue bin, grey bin, green bin and food caddy).
  • Brown bins for garden waste are collected every 3 weeks during the summer months if you choose to purchase a permit for this service.

For outlying properties (those that are not easily accessible, such as a house along a narrow lane) a visit may be required to establish a collection method and collection point.

Please ensure your bins do not cause an obstruction to other highway/footpath users.

What do I do if all my waste doesn't fit in the bin?

Excess domestic waste can be taken to the recycling site at Forthbank, Alloa which is open every day and is free to members of the public with their own household waste. Please bring photo ID and proof in residence in Clackmannanshire ( a driver's licence, national entitlement card or disabled person's parking badge will suffice for both criteria). Trade users are required to pay.

You may request an additional uplift for household waste but charges will apply.

We would encourage you to recycle as much of your household waste as possible using the recycling schemes available. If you would like more information on recycling please contact Customer Services on 01259 450000 or email

How does a bank holiday affect my bin collection day?

Refuse collection days are not normally affected by bank holidays, however, special arrangements are made for Christmas and New Year holidays.

If your collection day falls on Christmas or New year holidays we will notify you in advance of what the changes will be.

Any changes to the normal arrangements will be notified in advance in the local press and on the Council's website.

What time do I need to put my wheeled bin and/or and caddy out for collection?

Please place your wheeled bin and caddy out prior to 7am on the day of collection at the specified collection point with the bin lid closed.

We do not lift excess waste at the side of your bin. If you have excess waste you may request a bulky uplift or use the Forthbank Recycling Centre.

Please ensure your bin or caddy do not cause an obstruction to other highway/footpath users.

How can I help ensure that my bin is collected?

What YOU can do to help;

  • Please put your bin at the collection point by 7am on the day of collection
  • Do not overload your bin
  • Keep the lid securely closed to prevent spillage and injury to collectors
  • Do not put in hazardous items for example car parts, bricks, gas bottles
  • Place the bin at the back of the pavement with the handles facing out
  • Do not obstruct the footpath
  • Please park your car considerately so it does not obstruct the refuse vehicle
  • Place your bin next to your neighbours bin if possible; It's easier for us to collect and return
  • Use the bulky uplift service for larger items of waste
  • Minimise waste whenever possible and recycle what you can
  • Take your bin back into your property as soon as possible after collection
  • Keep the wheelie bin safe and in a clean condition

What WE will do for you;

  • Empty you bin on its day of collection
  • Return your bin to its point of collection
  • Clear up any spillage that was caused by our operation
  • If the service fails we will rectify the fault within 5 working days, weather permitting
  • Notify changes of collection day by letter, in the local press and on our website
  • Recycle as much of your waste as we can and offer free recycling advice
  • Offer doorstep collection in cases of restricted mobility
My bin is damaged - how do I get it repaired or replaced?

If your bin is damaged/stolen please contact Customer Services on 01259 450000 or email

It is the householder's responsibility to keep the wheelie bin safe and in a clean condition.

What if there is no one in my household who is physically able to put the bin out for collection?

The council operates a collect and return service for members of the public who require assistance with their bin or recycling box because of disability or infirmity.

Please contact Customer Services on 01259 450000 or email to arrange a visit to the property to see if you qualify for the assisted list.

Where is my nearest household waste recycling centre?

The nearest Recycling site is at Forthbank, Alloa. Visit the Forthbank Recycling Centre page for further details of opening times and location together with details of the wastes accepted.

How do I get bulky items collected from my home?

The Council will collect bulky items of household waste (furniture) from your property including fridges and freezers. There may be a charge for the uplift of bulky household waste.

How do I complain about the waste collection service?

In the first instance, contact Customer Services on 01259 450000 or email If you are still unhappy with the service then the council has an official complaints procedure.

What happens if the weather is so severe that my bin or caddy cannot be emptied?

If your bin or caddy is out for collection and it must be emptied because it is full, please leave the caddy or bin at the kerbside and it will be emptied as soon as weather conditions permit.

If your caddy or bin isn't completely full and it can last out until the next collection then please take it off the kerbside and wait until the next collection day.

Be a good neighbour. During the difficult weather conditions, offer to share your spare box or wheelie bin space with your neighbour if they are short of space.

Listen to the local radio or check the council website for more news about the refuse collection service.

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