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Flytipping / Illegal Dumping

Flytipping / Illegal Dumping

  • Report flytipping via our online Report It facility, email or call 01259 450000
  • Give the date, time and location of the occurrence
  • Describe the waste and give an idea of the quantity
  • Give a description of any vehicles involved
  • Leave the waste alone as it may be hazardous

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The main source of flytipping is householders, either through dumping their own excess waste or not ensuring that those who do work for them are disposing of their waste appropriately.

If you are a householder with waste which is bulky and difficult to move or have too many black bags to fit into your bin, you have a number of options for getting rid of it.

If you own/manage a business, you are responsible for the disposal of the waste generated by that business. Either

Remember, if you give your waste to someone who is not authorised, and it ends up being dumped, you could be the one that's prosecuted under the Environmental Protection Act (1990).

A fixed penalty notice can be issued on the spot to people caught flytipping, but if the case is taken to court fines of up to £40,000 can be imposed by a sheriff.

Prevent illegal waste collection by reporting anyone who doesn't produce an appropriate certificate.

Note that the Council are not responsible for clearance of flytipping from private land.

What is being done to reduce flytipping?

The Scottish Flytipping Forum hosted by Zero Waste Scotland represents both those affected by flytipping together with those responsible for the investigation and disposal of the consequences of these incidents.

The work of the forum includes a national database of flytipping incidents, national awareness campaign, provision of best practise and training for local authority enforcement officers and others.

Flytipping is estimated to cost the Scottish tax payer £11 million each year to clear up, while the average farmer/land manager spends £1,000 per annum clearing private land of dumped waste.

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