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Brown Bin Permit FAQs

Brown Bin Permit FAQs

Why has the Council introduced a charge for collecting garden waste in brown bins?

This change was made following a decision at Council and public engagement, to protect essential services and improve financial sustainability. The collection of garden waste is not a service that the council has a statutory duty to provide, and there are councils throughout Scotland who have introduced this charge or are planning to do so. 

The income generated from the chargeable garden waste collection service will help to offset some of the costs associated with collecting and processing the garden waste material.

This change will enable the Council to retain a sustainable garden waste kerbside service.

The Terms and Conditions are available to refer to.

How much is a garden waste permit?

The annual permit charge for 2024/25 will be £48 for each bin presented containing garden waste. Households can have a maximum of 2 brown bins per property. Once paid, the householder will receive a permit which is to be attached to the back of the bin to indicate to collection crews to uplift the bin.

If bins are presented containing garden waste without a valid permit, they will not be emptied.

The £48 charge applies regardless of what point in the year the permit is issued, all permits issued will expire on 30 April each year.

The cost of permits for Council tenants is being covered by the Housing Revenue account which is supported by their rent payments. Council tenants who no longer wish a brown bin should inform their local housing officer.

When does the service re-start?

The service re-started from Monday 4 March. From that time collection crews will only empty brown bins containing garden waste if they display a valid garden waste permit.

Is the cost of this service not included within my Council Tax?

Council tax funds around 19p for every £1 the council spends or invests in local services.  The focus of spending is on areas like education and social services, and other services that the Council has a statutory duty to provide. Collection of garden waste is not a statutory service.

Are there any concessions or discounts?

No discounts or concessions are available. Regardless of when the permit is purchased, the £48 annual charge will apply.

Can I put my garden waste into another bin?

No. Where bins are contaminated, the Council will attach a hanger to the bin which will identify that it has not been collected due to contamination/incorrect presentation.

Householders are responsible for the waste and recycling that is contained in their bins and will be required to make arrangements to remove any contamination identified. If all contamination is removed the bin will be collected on the next scheduled collection day.

Refer to What goes in the Brown Bin page to double check what you can put in it.

How will my collection crew know I have paid for garden waste to be collected?

Once payment has been received, a permit will be posted to you. This permit must be attached to the back of the brown bin below the handles. Each permit will detail the property address for which the permit was purchased.

How often will my brown bin be emptied?

Households will continue to receive uplifts on a 3 weekly frequency collection from the first Monday in March (or last Monday in February) to the last Friday in November each year.        

There may be a change to the brown bin collection day but householders will be given notice in advance. To check the waste and recycling collections your household is eligible for, or to download or print off your collection calendar(s), please refer to our Waste Collection Calendar.

Brown bin collection dates will be available via our Waste Collection Calendar from mid February.

What can I do with my garden waste if I choose not to buy a permit?

Garden waste can be disposed of free of charge at our Recycling Centre at Forthbank, Alloa.
Alternatively grass can be cut and left as this will break down and fertilise the growing grass underneath. If you are generating other garden waste you may want to try home composting. You can find lots of information online.

If you pay a private contractor to undertake gardening work, you can request that they remove the garden waste. Please be aware that this may incur a charge.

What happens if I am unable to take my garden waste to a Recycling Centre?

The disposal of garden waste is the householder’s responsibility. Please refer to the answer above.

What can I recycle in my brown bin?

Garden waste includes grass cuttings, small twigs and branches, leaves, cut flowers and houseplants, weeds and hedge cuttings.

For more information on What goes in the Brown Bin please click on the link given.

How do I apply and pay for a permit?

The annual charge for collection of garden waste in 2024/25 will be £48 per bin. The council's Terms and Conditions can be referred to by following the link.

We would prefer if you can apply and pay for your permit online using a debit or credit card. If you require assistance with your online application, you can call us on 01259 450000 where an advisor will help you.

Cash, debit or credit payments for this service will be accepted at the Speirs Centre. Debit or credit card only payments will be accepted at all Community Access Points

Please be aware that it may take up to 21 days for a permit to be delivered.

Can I participate in the garden waste collection service if I have an assisted lift?

If you are currently registered to receive an assisted lift for a brown bin and would like to participate in the garden waste service then you will require to purchase a garden waste permit.

If you currently receive an assisted lift for green and blue bins, but don’t currently have a brown bin and would like to participate in the garden service then you will be required to order a brown bin, purchase a garden waste permit and inform us that you will require an assisted lift for your new brown bin.

What happens to my brown bin if I don’t opt into the service?

If you do not wish to buy a permit for the garden waste service, you can request its removal by emailing your address and contact details to

If you wish, you can also return your unwanted brown bin to Forthbank

Any bins that are removed/returned will be assessed and if in a good condition will be reissued to households that require a brown bin. Bins that are not in a reusable condition will be recycled.

I don’t currently have a brown bin, can I request one?

To check the waste and recycling collections your household receives and to see if you are eligible for a brown bin please use our household collection date finder on our website.

If you don’t currently have a brown bin and would like to participate in the garden waste collection service, please request a brown bin when applying for your garden waste permit. Bins will not be delivered unless a valid permit is in place.

You can order a brown bin by emailing or phoning us on 01259 450000.

How many brown bins can I have?

Each eligible household may have up to 2 brown bins with a separate permit required for each bin. You will require 2 permits (at £48 each) if you wish to present two bins.

Will I get a new brown bin?

No, householders should continue to use the existing brown bin(s) at their property.

Can I buy a permit at any point throughout the year?

Yes, however the full cost of £48 will be applied regardless of when the permit is applied for, and permits will expire on 30 April each year.

Can I cancel a permit?

Permits can be cancelled within 14 days of purchase to receive a full refund, thereafter no refunds or part refunds will be given.

To exercise the right to cancel within the 14 day period, you must inform us of your decision to cancel the contract by means of a clear statement made either by letter to Waste Services, Clackmannanshire Council, Kilncraigs, Alloa, FK10 1EB or by email to within the cancellation period.

Can I transfer a permit to a different property if I move house?

No. Each property that has applied for a garden waste permit will be provided with a permit that will be required to be fixed to the side of the brown bin. The permit will detail the address of the property and will help our crews identify who has paid for the garden waste collection service. The permit will be non-transferable and will only be valid when presented at the address detailed on the permit.

Wheelie bins remain the property of Clackmannanshire Council and should not be removed from a property without authorisation from the Council.

Should you move into a property that already has a brown bin(s) with a valid garden waste permit you can continue to use the bin for garden waste. Should your new address not have a valid permit and you wish to recycle your garden waste in the brown bin, then you will be required to purchase a permit.

What happens if I have paid for a permit and my brown bin collection is missed?

Collection errors or other conditions beyond the Council’s control can result in service disruption or missed collections.

No refunds or part refunds will be given for missed collections.

If your bin contains the wrong materials or is presented with the lid up, we will place a tag on your bin and not empty it until you have rectified the issue. Please refer to our missed bin page.

Can I share a brown bin with my neighbour?

If you share a brown bin(s) with your neighbour(s) and want to continue to recycle garden waste then you will require a garden waste permit. You can continue to share the bin(s) and would only be required to purchase one garden waste permit (for each bin presented), however you will have to come to a private agreement with your neighbour(s) regarding who will apply and make payment for the service.

What will happen to bins that contain garden waste presented without a permit?

Brown bins that contain garden waste that are not displaying a valid permit will not be emptied.

How will I stop those who have not paid for the service placing garden waste in my bin?

Householders are responsible for the waste and recycling that is contained in their bins and will be required to make arrangements to remove any contamination identified.  Please store your bin securely between collections to prevent unauthorised usage between collections.

What happens if I present my brown bin containing the wrong material?

No materials, other than those specified by the Council will be accepted in brown bins. Full details of accepted items are available on our website or by contacting the Customer Service Centre on 01259 450000.

The Council reserves the right not to empty bins that are;

  • suspected of containing incorrect materials
  • of excessive weight
  • in a dangerous condition or which may be detrimental to the health and safety of its staff. It shall be solely for the Council to determine if any bin meets any of the above criteria.

Where recycling bins are contaminated, the Council will attach a hanger to the bin which will identify that it has not been collected due to contamination/incorrect presentation.

Householders shall be responsible for the waste and recycling that is contained in their bins and will be required to make arrangements to remove any contamination identified.

Residents can request an uplift of contaminated brown bins by the Council however this will be a chargeable service.

In the event that repeated contamination of recycling bins occurs, the Council reserves the right to withdraw the recycling service by giving written notice and arranging removal of the brown bin. No refunds will be available for any collections missed while the service has been withdrawn.

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