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Documents & Publications - Strategy documents

  • Autism Strategy (Oct 28 2015 14:56)
    The strategy aims to ensure that people with autism their families and carers are empowered to make their aspirations a reality.
  • Biodiversity Action Plan (Apr 28 2014 13:34)
    Statement of what the Biodiversity Partnership, with support from a number of locally-based NGOs, community groups and individual recorders intend to achieve over the next five years as well as a resource for other purposes.
  • British Sign Language Plan 2018-24 (Feb 4 2019 14:40)
    British Sign Language Plan 2018-24 for promoting use of BSL
  • Clackmannanshire Education Plan - National Improvement Framework (Sep 6 2017 10:06)
    Clackmannanshire's Education Service has set out in its plan the steps they will take to improve across 5 key priority areas to achieve excellence and equity.
  • Clackmannanshire Housing Strategy 2012-2017 (Jun 27 2013 15:33)
    The Housing (Scotland) Act 2001, requires all Councils to have a Local Housing Strategy. The purpose of the strategy is to identify and tackle the key areas of concern for housing. This includes providing new housing of all tenures of the size and ty
  • Clackmannanshire Housing Strategy Update 2014 (Aug 21 2014 13:59)
    2014 update of the Clackmannanshire Housing Strategy priority outcomes.
  • Clackmannanshire Local Child Poverty Action Report (Jun 28 2019 13:30)
    This report includes a range of initiatives which contribute to Strategic Priorities and Locality Priorities.
  • Climate Change Strategy (Oct 5 2010 10:52)
    This report sets out key recommendations for climate change mitigation and adaptation and a comprehensive review of Clackmannanshire Councils Climate Change Strategy.
  • Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy (Mar 10 2005 18:50)
    Clackmannanshire Council published Contaminated Land Strategy which outlined how it would implement the statutory regime. This document is a review and update of that strategy.
  • Corporate Parenting Plan (Jul 14 2009 9:46)
    This plan provides the framework for elected members, officers and partners in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities, as corporate parents of Looked After children and young people in Clackmannanshire.
  • Corporate Plan 2018-22 (Jan 7 2019 15:13)
    Corporate Plan 2018-22
  • Forestry and Woodland Strategy (Dec 4 2012 12:09)
    Stirling and Clackmannanshire Councils Forestry and Woodland Strategy
  • Governance Framework & Memorandum of Understanding (Oct 10 2019 15:38)
    This documents sets out the Clackmannanshire Alliance strategic priorities, principles, commitment of partners and structures for progressing community planning.
  • Housing Need and Demand Assessment (Aug 10 2011 14:12)
    An HNDA estimates the future number of additional homes to meet existing and future need and demand. It also captures information on the operation of the housing system to assist Clackmannanshire Council develop policies for new housing supply, mana
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategy (Jul 28 2011 9:29)
    Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Strategy
  • Local Outcomes Improvement Plan (LOIP) 2017-2027 (Sep 29 2017 10:34)
    This plans sets out the vision of the Clackmannanshire Alliance for the next 10 years and builds upon the successes of our previous plan the SOA for Clackmannanshire 2013/23
  • Parental Involvement and Engagement Strategy (Apr 24 2018 9:35)
    This strategy sits within a framework of planning and reporting including the LOIP produced by the Community Planning Partnership and the Integrated Childrens Services Framework.
  • Procurement Strategy (Nov 4 2008 10:50)
    This document sets out a procurement strategy for the Council that seeks to communicate the Councils vision for procurement.
  • RIPSA Policy (Nov 4 2010 9:31)
    Councils policy on the regulation of investigatory powers act.
  • Road Safety Plan 2006 - 2009 (Jan 24 2008 13:55)
    The aim of this Road Safety Plan is to develop a structured approach to achieving a reduction in the number of road traffic accidents for the period 2006 - 2009 and beyond.
  • Sport and Active Living Framework 2018-28 (May 15 2019 13:28)
    This framework takes a whole population approach to sport and active living, however, it aims to ensure it is accessible for all and particularly those who already face barriers through poverty, life circumstances or disability.
  • Sustainability SEA Screening Report July 2007 (Aug 27 2007 11:42)
    Screening report for the Clackmannanshire Sustainability Strategy.