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Documents & Publications - Planning (Development Quality)

  • Clackmannanshire Housing Land Audit (Feb 23 2021 9:05)
    The Audit contains data for housing sites and likely housing completion timeframes.
  • Living Alloa Project (Nov 19 2019 15:22)
    Partnership project using the redevelopment of a vacant town centre site to create an intergenerational living environment within the heart of Alloa and act as a catalyst for regeneration.
  • Planning & Building Standards Bulletin (Mar 7 2005 9:51)
    This bulletin is issued every week as our statutory Weekly List. It contains details and information of issues relating to planning applications, local development plan and building warrant applications.
  • Planning Application Fee Scale (Dec 7 2011 16:47)
    A list of the fee scales for planning and similar applications valid from 1 April 2022.
  • Planning Enforcement Charter (Oct 5 2011 8:56)
    The Council's Planning Enforcement Charter
  • Planning Performance Framework (Jan 22 2015 16:37)
    This is the latest Planning Performance Framework (PPF) for Development Services.
  • SAN 1 - Recreational Open Space (Jan 13 2005 12:24)
    This leaflet sets out the Council�s policy and standards for recreational space, as contained in the Local Plan.
  • SAN 10 - Opencast Mining (Jan 13 2005 14:44)
    This Supplementary Advice Note sets out the Council�s updated policy on opencast coal mining, in addition to the Development Plan (Structure Plan and Local Plan) and National Planning Policy.
  • SAN 11 - Farm Steading Conversions (Jan 13 2005 14:46)
    This advice note seeks to add to the current planning policies in the Development Plan and amplify national planning guidance on the conversion of farm steadings.
  • SAN 14 - Managing Waste in Housing and Commercial Developments (Mar 8 2005 15:20)
    This Advice Note provides guidance on the incorporation of waste management facilities into new developments in the Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Stirling Council areas covered by the Forth Valley Area Waste Plan.
  • SAN 2 - Infill Residential Development (Jan 13 2005 12:26)
    This leaflet aims to assist people wishing to develop one or more houses on gap sites, garden ground or vacant spaces in existing towns and villages. It is not designed to guide development of houses in the countryside or major new housing areas.
  • SAN 3 - Shutters and Grilles (Jan 13 2005 12:28)
    This leaflet aims to assist shopkeepers who wish to improve security by installing shutters or grilles, or for those owners who find that their shops have shutters installed contrary to the Council's policy.
  • SAN 4 - Residential Homes (Jan 13 2005 12:30)
    This leaflet aims to assist those who wish to develop Residential Homes by converting or extending an existing property, or building a new one.
  • SAN 5 - Windows and Doors in Traditional Buildings (Jan 13 2005 12:31)
    The built environment of Clackmannanshire provides a particularly rich and varied heritage. The Council has a duty to safeguard this heritage, and is able to do so through the powers available under various Acts of Parliament.
  • SAN 6 - Day Nurseries (Jan 13 2005 12:33)
    This leaflet aims to assist those who wish to develop Day Nurseries either by converting or extending an existing property or by building a new one. planning consent.
  • SAN 7 - Shop Fronts (Jan 13 2005 12:34)
    This leaflet will explain: The Council�s aims for shop front design and advertising; The permissions required; The guidelines for achieving a good design which suits your premises and the neighbourhood.
  • SAN 8 - House Extensions (Jan 13 2005 12:36)
    This advice note is to help you apply for Planning Permission. The Council wishes to encourage imaginative, sensitive and innovative design, and while it gives design guidance, this is not intended to be a �rule book�.
  • SAN 9 - Planning and Flooding (Jan 13 2005 12:38)
    This supplementary advice note aims to provide additional guidance to prospective applicants for planning permission about Clackmannanshire Council�s policy towards applications for development on, or close to, land potentially liable to flood.
  • Wind Energy Register (Dec 19 2014 14:52)
    The Wind Energy Register is a spreadsheet containing a summary of the information provided by a developer in the planning application for a wind turbine or wind farm.

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