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Cycling is a low cost form of transport that offers you the opportunity to travel in a healthy, congestion free and non-polluting way. Cycling is ideal for short journeys, a great way of getting around and keeping fit.

All you'll need is a bike and some enthusiasm. You can cycle in your everyday clothes and add extra equipment if and when you need it. Sustran's have information on cycling code of conduct, particularly when using shared use paths.

The National Cycle Route number 76 'Round the Forth' passes through Clackmannanshire connecting Alloa to Stirling and Dunfermline. There are also a number of new and upgraded cycle routes such as the NCN 767 from Alloa to Tillicoultry and NCN 768 from Tullibody to Menstrie. These provide safe off road routes for cycling. More cycle routes are planned for the future to make cycling even more attractive.

You can also refer to the mapmyridesite for information on local routes.

Cycling is great for kids too, as it gives them some independence and a sense of freedom. Why not encourage your children to cycle to school, lots of safety tips can be found on the Cycling to School page.

Top 10 Bike Maintenance Tips

  1. Keep your bike clean
  2. Keep your bike tyres properly inflated
  3. Check your brake pads for wear
  4. Keep brakes and wheel rims clean
  5. Tighten loose brakes
  6. Get a professional service once a year
  7. Lubricate metal parts, but only lubricate the chain if it has been cleaned
  8. Check for wobbly wheels
  9. Adjust your saddle to a comfortable position
  10. Use latex gloves to keep hands clean

Continue Cycling through the Winter

When winter's approaching don't give up cycling just yet - have a go and see just how much fun and how useful cycling can be over the winter to:

  • stay warmer (better than waiting at a windy bus-stop?!)
  • keep fit
  • make the most of being outside during the short daylight hours
  • keep healthy (with better tolerance to all those winter bugs)
  • save money for presents/parties at Christmas!

It may come as a surprise that there are fewer wet days in winter - in fact February and March are two of the driest months in the year. And those clear, crisp winter days do make for wonderful, exhilarating cycling! Remember to take extra care when it's wet, dark or icy and make yourself visible to motorists by using lights and wearing fluorescent clothing.

*Information from Bike Week

Cycling Action Plan for Scotland (CAPS)

The Cycling Action Plan for Scotland sets out how the Government will get 10% of all journeys by bike by 2020, through expanding cycle routes across the country and enhancing delivery of cycle training in schools.

More information on the CAPS can be found on the Scottish Government's CAPS web page.

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