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Safer Routes to School

Safer Routes to School

We are encouraging safe and sustainable travel to and from school through the introduction of the Safer Routes to School Initiative in our local schools.

Safer Routes to School projects are aimed at encouraging pupils, parents and teachers to adopt the healthier option for getting to and from school. Walking and cycling become real choices when the routes to school are made safer and more accessible. Safer Routes is as much about changing the way we think and behave, as the way we travel.

What are the main aims ?

  • For more children to walk or cycle to school.
  • To reduce the number of school journeys made by car.
  • To make journeys to school safer.
  • To make journeys to school healthier.

So, what are the benefits of walking or cycling to school?

  • Physical Activity
    The walk to school raises activity levels, increasing fitness in the short term and lessoning the chances of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and related problems in the future. Active children are also more likely to become active adults.
  • Less Congestion and pollution
    At 8.30am 20% of cars on the roads of Britain are known to be ‘doing the school run’. If those who could, walked, we would have less congestion, fewer accidents and less pollution at the front of our schools.
  • Social & Mental Development
    Children and young people who walk to school gain from being more alert in morning classes and they have a chance to talk and play with friends on the way to school.
  • Greater Independence
    The walk to school gives children and young people the chance to develop vital road and personal safety skills. Many parents, when asked why they drive their children to school, believe the journey to be too hazardous because of traffic or stranger danger. In reality the journey to school is one of the safest a child can make. Allowing a child to walk or cycle to school on their own or with friends or family increases confidence and awareness.

More Information for Parents and Pupils

If you would like to find out more about ‘Safer Routes to School’ projects in Clackmannanshire please have a look at the information available for parents, pupils and school organisations.

For Further Information Contact

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