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Sustainable Clackmannanshire

Sustainable Clackmannanshire

Clackmannanshire Council is working to meet the needs of those who live and work in the area. However, this must be achieved in a sustainable way, without compromising the ability of those who live and work here in the future to meet their needs.

Sustainability is about finding a balance between our economic, environmental and social needs. We will work towards achieving economic development as long as it brings with it improved quality of life, and enables us to protect and enhance our environment, We are focusing our efforts on the social and environmental factors that contribute to fulfilled and satisfied lives.

One of our biggest issues to address is climate change: the Earth's climate is changing as a result of human activity, and we need to both mitigate this change and adapt to its consequences.

The challenge is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, which are the main source of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming.

We also need to consider how we will deal with more extreme weather, and how our plant and animal species will cope with more extreme seasons.

The Council and all those with responsibility for delivering its services, at every level, have a duty to make sure that we are acting sustainably and with a long-term vision of how our actions now will affect the lives of those in the future.

Our legacy should be to pass on a better Clackmannanshire to the next generation - a place where people can thrive, live healthy and fulfilling lives, and enjoy their environment.

Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy

The Council has already established an enviable record in delivering sustainability, including work to re-introduce passenger rail services to Clackmannanshire and exemplary achievements in increasing recycling of municipal waste. However, we have a goal of continual improvement and the Council has adopted a Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy for Clackmannanshire which will co-ordinate and drive forward sustainability in Clackmannanshire.

The Strategy provides a sustainability vision to ensure that we can build on our existing achievements.

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