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Development Plan Update - March 2024

Development Plan Update - March 2024

The National Planning Framework 4 (NPF4) was adopted on 13 February 2023 and is now part of the statutory Development Plan. As a consequence, Scottish Planning Policy 2014 is superseded.

Decisions on planning applications have to be made in accordance with the Development Plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise.

The NPF4 and the adopted Clackmannanshire Local Development Plan 2015 and associated Supplementary Guidance currently comprise the Development Plan. A review of the Local Development Plan (LDP) is underway and will be informed by the policies in the NPF4.

Planning applications will be assessed against the relevant Principles, Strategies and Policies in the NPF4 and LDP.

As NPF4 provides the latest national planning policy context for the assessment of planning applications, where it is considered there is incompatibility between the provisions of the adopted Clackmannanshire Local Development Plan 2015 and NPF4, the provisions of NPF4 will prevail.

Clackmannanshire Local Development Plan Review commences

The Local Development Plan (LDP) is prepared by the Council following engagement with the public and any other interested parties. It is a collaborative plan which shows how local places will change into the future, including where development should and should not happen.

It must also take account of the National Planning Framework (NPF4), which has been prepared by the Scottish Government and includes national policies, which the LDP can expand upon to fit with local circumstances, if required.

Clackmannanshire Council is embarking on a new Clackmannanshire Local Development Plan (LDP2).

We therefore need to understand the thoughts, priorities and ideas of those who live, work, or have an interest in Clackmannanshire.

We will be doing this is through the use of an Online Place Standard Tool.

The Place Standard tool lets communities, public agencies, voluntary groups, local businesses and individuals identify those aspects of a place that need to be targeted to improve people's health, wellbeing and quality of life.

The tool should take between 10-15 minutes to complete and includes the opportunity to add comments.

The Place Standard tool’s questionnaire format allows you to think about and assess:

  • the physical environment
    • the buildings, streets, public spaces and natural spaces that make up a place
  • the social environment
    • the relationships, social contact and support networks that make up a community

It asks 14 questions about the physical and social elements of a place. Questions relate to themes, which can be seen around the outer rim of a diagram, similar to the one that can be viewed via the Place Standard Guide.

Participants answer by scoring from 1 to 7, where 1 means there is a lot of room for improvement and 7 means there is very little room for improvement.

Results are then plotted on the diagram with the points closest to the centre representing those areas most in need of improvement, while those towards the edge are strengths.

We hope to reach a wide and varied audience, and there are different versions of the place Standard Tool which have been tailored to different audiences, including a Young People's version (aimed at young people aged 12 and over) and a Children’s version (aimed at children aged 6-12).

Paper copies of the Young People's version, Children’s version, original version and resources for groups to carry out the exercise are available by emailing

Please also use this email address if you have any questions about how to access or use the tool or about the Local Development Plan Review process in general.

If you are carrying out the exercise as a group and would like somebody from the Council to be present, we may also be able to accommodate this, resources permitting.

We hope to get responses in by Friday 31 May 2024.

Thank you in advance for taking part and ‘Being The Future’.

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