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Who is a non-dependant?

A non-dependant is a person over 18 years of age, who normally lives with the claimant for example adult son or daughter, elderly relative, friend.

What is a non-dependant deduction?

The levels of deduction are set by the Government and are meant to reflect how much the Government feels that each non-dependant should contribute to the household bills.

These are fixed amounts and are applied even if the non-dependant contributes nothing to the claimant.

Are there always deductions?

No deduction will be made in respect of a non-dependant if the claimant and/or partner are registered blind, in receipt of Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance (DLA) care component, daily living component of PIP and Armed Forces independence payment.

Are there any exceptions?

If you or your partner are aged 65 or more, then if the impact of a non-dependant moving in results in a decrease to your benefit, the change is delayed for 26 weeks.

If a change results in an increase to your benefit then it applies immediately.

Non-dependants who are a couple

We work out non-dependant deductions that would apply as if they were single claimants. Only one deduction is taken and that is the higher of the two.

However, if one of the couple is working, we add the joint income together to decide which level of deduction to make.

What deduction will be made?

The amount of deduction depends on the non-dependant's gross income and whether they are in remunerative work.

  • Non-dependants in Remunerative Work:
    Applies where the non-dependant is in paid employment and works an average of 16 hours or more each week.
  • Non-dependants not in Remunerative Work:
    The lowest level of deduction applies in both Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction regardless of the level of the non-dependant's income.
Deduction Amounts 2021/22
Criteria Housing Benefit Council Tax Reduction
Aged 18+ in remunerative work:    
Gross income of £469 or more per week 102.85 12.90
Gross income of £377 to £468.99 per week 93.70 10.80
Gross income of £283 to £376.99 per week 82.30 8.50
Gross income of £217 to £282.99 per week 50.30 8.50
Gross income of £149 to £216.99 per week 36.65 4.30
Gross Income less than £149 per week 15.95 4.30
Aged under 25 on IS, JSA/IB, ESA/IR Nil Nil
Aged 25 or over on IS, JSA/IB 15.95 Nil
On Pension Credit:    
On Pension Credit and in remunerative work Nil Nil
On Pension Credit and not in remunerative work Nil Nil
Aged 18 or over, not working and not in receipt of Pension Credit 15.95 4.30
In receipt of Main Phase ESA/IR 15.95 Nil

The level of non-dependant deduction will be shown on your benefit notification letter.

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