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Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy

Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy

The Clackmannanshire Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy was adopted in September 2010.

The strategy reflects our four strategic priorities:

  • reducing our contribution to climate change and preparing to adapt to its consequences;
  • creating sustainable communities;
  • living within environmental limits; and
  • protecting our natural resources and enhancing our environment.

We are focusing on seven areas of the Council's activities:

Regenerating Clackmannanshire

For Clackmannanshire to develop sustainably it needs to have thriving and healthy communities, with people who have a sense of pride and connection to where they live.

Our objectives for regenerating Clackmannanshire are intended to address a number of inequalities that can affect people's quality of life and prevent them participating in society.

Carbon management and sustainable energy use

Carbon management is about reducing our contribution to climate change, by reducing the energy, transport fuel and water we use, and reducing the waste we produce.

Clackmannanshire Council has a Carbon Management Plan, which sets out targets and actions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations.


How we deal with waste can impact our lives both now and in the future, and in Clackmannanshire we are working hard to support the Scottish Government's vision of a Zero Waste Scotland. Dependence on landfill, which until recent years had been the main way of dealing with waste, supports the unnecessary use of natural resources and contributes to climate change: the focus is now on reducing, re-using and recycling waste.

To find out more, visit the waste services section of this website.


Transport is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK - we are working to tackle this by reducing dependence on private cars, and encouraging people to use public transport or to walk and cycle whenever possible.

Being more active when we travel can improve physical and mental health, as well as reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

To find out more about travel in Clackmannanshire, please visit the transport and outdoor access sections of this website.

Clackmannanshire's natural environment

Clackmannanshire's natural environment is important not just for its own sake, but also because it provides the foundation for the social and economic wellbeing of our communities.

The area's landscape is varied, and home to some of the UK's rarest and most threatened plants and species. We have legal duties to protect the environment and to enable people to enjoy it.

To find our more about Clackmannanshire's natural environment, visit the biodiversity, outdoor access and Countryside Ranger Service sections of this website.

Sustainable procurement

The public sector is a major purchaser of goods and services, which means that we can use our spending power to reduce our environmental impact, and encourage our suppliers to do the same.

Sustainable procurement can specify goods that avoid damage to the environment, or that have a low energy consumption; it can also help avoid unnecessary purchases, reducing our use of natural resources, and can provide benefits to local communities in the form of jobs and training.

Learning for sustainability

Education and awareness-raising are key to making this strategy a success: sustainable development is now part of the Curriculum for Excellence, and this is supported by initiative such as Eco-Schools.

There are also lifelong opportunities to learn and to volunteer, including through the Ranger Service.

Strategic Environmental Assessment

The Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy was subject to a strategic environmental assessment (SEA). The SEA Environmental Report and Post-adoption Statement are available to download. Alternatively, you can view them free of charge at our offices at the address below Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

We are currently revising the Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy, and under section 8(1) of the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act, we have determined that we do not have to carry out a further SEA of it. The reason for this determination is that the strategy is unlikely to have significant environmental impacts, having regard to both the characteristics of the strategy, and the characteristics of its effects and of the area likely to be affected. Further detail can be found in the screening report, on the Scottish Government's SEA database.

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