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Grit Bin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Grit Bin Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I contact the Council about grit bins?

Please email us on at any time or telephone 01259 450000 during office hours (Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5.30 pm).

Where is my nearest grit bin?

For information on your nearest grit bin, please refer to our Winter Maintenance Map.

Our nearest grit bin is empty. When will it be refilled?

Grit bins are refilled regularly when the weather permits. To report an empty bin, please contact us.

If you are aware that excess amounts of grit are being removed by individuals, please let us know the details.

We do not have a grit bin nearby. Can we have one delivered?

All our available grit bins are out on the roads at areas deemed to be of particular difficulty. No further grit bins are available for distribution at present.

If your property is on a steep gradient, sharp bend or in an awkward cul-de-sac we will consider providing a bin in the future.

Please note that the Council will only provide bins where a road has been adopted. Otherwise the developer of the site will advise on whether they will provide bins.

Contact us to request a bin or if you are unsure whether your road is adopted.

What can I use the grit for?

The grit is placed to allow residents to assist in clearing public roads and footpaths to allow pedestrians and cars to get about in areas of difficulty which are not covered by the primary gritting routes.

Supplies of grit are limited and we ask residents not to use it for private paths, drives etc.

You can refer to the Met Office's Snow Code web page for useful advice and information.

How much grit should I use?

You do not need to carpet an area with grit to achieve the desired effect. 'Dusting' the grit sparingly from a shovel will achieve the same effect.

Remember if you use all the grit in one area, others will be without.

Where can I get grit for my own use?

Grit can be purchased from local building merchants and DIY stores. Prices are around £5.00 for a 25 kg bag.

You can refer to our online Business Directory for local outlets.

The grit in the bin is not melting the ice. Why?

The grit in the bin is a 50/50 mixture of grit and rock salt. The grit helps with grip, particularly in snowy conditions, and the salt melts the snow and ice. However, when the surface temperatures fall below -5 degrees centigrade, the salt becomes increasingly less effective and eventually will not work at all. When the surface temperatures increase, the salt will start working again.

How do the Council prioritise gritting of our roads and footways?

As a result of long periods of bad weather, the Council's first priority has to be to concentrate on keeping main routes open. You can refer to our Winter Maintenance Map.

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