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Building Warrants Forms and Guidance Notes

Building Warrants Forms and Guidance Notes

Building warrant applications can be created and submitted at the electronic Building Standards portal. You may have to register a new account but once this is set up it allows you to submit any further or revised information that the Council may request during the assessment process and will also allow you to submit any future building warrant applications in the future.
This website is a simple, easy to use site and contains all the information you need to submit your application. To help you with your application, or to submit drawings etc, the online process uses an easy step by step question matrix which is tailored by the answers you give. It also provides the following benefits:

  • Its free of charge
  • Saves time and money
  • You can send an application at any time 24/7

All of the forms listed below are available through this portal and saves you the time and expense of downloading, printing and posting back the forms. 

You can, however, still submit a paper application if you so wish. Please note, however, all paper applications will be treated as an electronic submission on receipt.  Once approved, no paper copies shall be issued and you will receive our standard email link allowing you to download your approval package.  Below are some of the more commonly used forms which are available for download and they have been grouped to follow the natural sequence of your application.

Building Warrant and Building Warrant Amendment applications forms

The building warrant application form should be used in the first instance for all works that require a building warrant.

The amdendment application form is to be used when you wish to make changes to any work you have previously proposed or have approved in your current application or when it is requested by the Council after any site inspection.

The cost of your application is dependent upon the cost of the proposed works. The fee scale below gives you all the information you need and includes details of any discounts and surcharges that may be applicable

When work is about to start

Once your application has been approved, you are required to notify the Council when you propose to start work

Unable to complete work on time

Your building warrant is valid for 3 years and you should aim to complete all the work during this period. However, there may be occasions when this is not the case and an extension to this time period may be granted in certain circumstances. You should complete the form below in this instance

When work is complete

When you have finished your building work, you must obtain a completion certificate for your proposals. The form below should be completed, and accompanied by an electrical certificate where applicable, and returned to this office. We will then contact you to arrange an inspection visit.

Where Work Has Been Completed Without Building Warrant Approval

Where any works have taken place after 1 May 2005 and these works have been completed then you must apply for a Late Completion Certificate in lieu of a Building Warrant.  In all these cases the form below should be completed

Additional Forms

Below is a list of the less commonly used forms that may be submitted during the application process. Full details of each form are available when you click on the links

Guidance Notes

Attached below are various links and guidance which we hope will help you with any proposed or current building warrant application.

Technical Handbooks

These handbooks provide guidance on how to achieve the required standards in your application which would allow the Council to grant you a Building Warrant and are available in two volumes, Domestic Buildings and Non-Domestic Buildings. The handbooks are split into the 7 different sections of the legislation and it is against this legislation that your application plans and drawings will be assessed. As a further aid for you or your agent, any letters that we send out requesting clarification/further information will be broken down into the 7 sections noted above.

Householder Advice

Below are links to various documents etc which are aimed at the smaller internal works. Advice here includes whether you actually need a building warrant, undertaking minor building works, alterations to existing kitchens and WCs and replacement windows.

Scottish Government Advice

The 2 links below contain information issued by the Scottish Government and are aimed at achieving the relevant standards when you are undertaking work on any of the following:

Building Standards system

Although the new updated 2003 regulations were introduced in May 2005, there are still 2 systems in place to cover both current and historical applications :

  • Current system (2003 Act) - applications submitted after 1st May 2005
  • Previous system (1959 & 1970) - applications submitted prior to the above date

For Further Information Contact

Building Standards
Kilncraigs, Greenside Street, Alloa, FK10 1EB
Tel: 01259 450000