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Building Warrants

Building Warrants

What is a Building Warrant?

A Building Warrant is the legal permission needed to commence building works. Full details can be found at the attached Scottish Government's customer journey document, and a list of the more commonly asked questions are listed below as a guide. Once granted, a building warrant is valid for 3 years but extensions to this period may be approved in certain circumstances.

Do I need a Building Warrant?

A building warrant is required for the erection of a property, for any alterations (including certain internal alterations), extensions or a change of use to an existing building. A warrant is also required for the demolition of a property.  However, there are certain works that do not require building warrant approval but, if undertaken, must comply with the building regulations.  You will find further details at our Works Not requiring a Building Warrant page.  

If you are unsure whether your works require a building warrant, please contact the Building Standards Team.

What if I own my own property?

Whether you are the property owner or tenant, you must still apply for a building warrant for any of the works described above.

What if Clackmannanshire Council own my house?

You will still need to apply for a building warrant and you will also need permission from the Council's Housing Department

Can I start work before obtaining a Building Warrant?

No. If a building warrant is required, then it is an offence to start work without one. If you do start work, then this may result in legal action and a fine up to £5000.  If works have started without a building warrant then you would need to apply for either a retrospective warrant or a late completion certificate.  Both have cost implications and may require intrusive inspections.

Can I submit my own application?

Yes. However, if you are not familiar with the building regulations, you are advised to employ a qualified person, such as an architect, to apply on your behalf. This may speed up your application.

How much does an application cost?

The fees are set by the Government and are on a sliding scale based on the estimated value of the proposed works. See the fee scales for the full range of fees, discounts and penbalty charges.  If the works are being carried out to provide facilities for a disabled person, then a fee may not always be required and the Building Standards team can advise further. Please note that, as we no longer accept cash or cheques, all fees must be paid electronically either via the portal, on our website or by telephoning our contact centre. 

How long does an application take?

We aim to respond to 95% of all applications within 20 working days., However, there are various factors which can have an impact on this and these include:

  • The quality or standard of drawings, information etc submitted
  • Additional information may be required from you/your agent
  • The workload of the Building Standards team

How do I apply for a Building Warrant?

Building warrant applications can be created and submitted through the eBuilding Standards portal. You will have to create a new account but once this is set up it allows you to submit any further or revised information that we may request and will allow you to submit any future building warrant or planning applications in the future.

This website is a simple, easy to use site and contains all the information you need to submit your application and the portal has its own helpdesk (it is owned and managed by the Scottish Government rather than the local council).  To help you with your application, or to submit drawings etc, the online process uses an easy step by step question matrix which is tailored by the answers you give. It also provides the following benefits:

  • Its free of charge
  • Saves time and money
  • You can send an application at any time 24/7

You can, however, still send in a paper application if you so wish. You can download an application from at our Forms and Guidance page which contains all the relevant information you need. Please note, however, that once received, your application will be treated as an electronic application and no paper approval documents will be produced.  Once any application ahs been approved, you will receive an email notification to download the documents as per our standard notification process for all applications.

What happens if work has been carried out to my property and I do not have a Building Warrant?

If the work was undertaken between 1 Apr 1991 and 30 Apr 2005 then you will not be able to apply for a building warrant but must apply for a Letter of Comfort instead. Full details can be found on the link.

If work started after 1 May 2005 then an application for retrospective permission can be applied for. A late application fee will apply (see fee scales above) and we may request parts of the construction work be exposed for inspection before a warrant is granted. Additionally, changes may be required to any construction work undertaken to ensure compliance with the correct building regulations.

If work started and was completed after 1 May 2005, then an application for a late completion certificate will be required. The same criteria for retrospective permission above will apply.

What do I do when works have started?

Your building warrant approval package contains a construction notification plan which states the various stages of work/construction that the Council wish to inspect i.e. start of works, drainage, sub structure, superstructure etc. Please note that non notification of these works may result in an intrusive inspection being required ie you may be asked to dig up and expose foundations, drainage or remove plasterboard etc for inspection.  The plan also contains an application for a completion certificate. This form must be completed and returned, together with an electrical certificate where applicable, and we will arrange for an officer to visit to inspect the work. If the works are in accordance with the approved drawings, then a completion certificate will be issued. If the works differ from what has been approved, then the completion certificate will be refused and we will provide you with the reasons for rejection.

If you require any further information or help regarding an on-line submission, please contact our Business Support team direct by phoning 01259 452540 or 452561.  Please note that due to staffing constraints we are unable to provide a duty officer service and therefore all appointments with building standards surveyors are by prior arrangement only.  If you wish to arrange an appintment you should email any requests to in the first instance.

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