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Sensory Service: Vision Services

Sensory Service: Vision Services


The teacher for visual impairment provides educational support for children and young people from birth to school leaving age who have visual impairment.

The service seeks to ensure that all visually impaired children and young people are given the support they require to enable them to be successful learners and confident individuals and assure their emotional wellbeing.

The teacher of the visually impaired is able to work with children in a variety of settings including the home. The level of involvement may vary and change depending upon pupil needs. It can range from direct teaching to annual monitoring of a pupil.

The teacher will work with school staff and meet with NHS Orthoptists regularly to ensure that relevant and up to date information is given to parents and other professionals working with the pupil.

Vision support is offered to children and young people who have visual impairment. This includes:

  • a diagnosed visual impairment
  • visual field loss with both eyes open
  • a cognitive or eye movement disorder significantly affecting vision function
  • a level of low vision causing a requirement for print size greater than N18

Contact with home follows at the point of referral and in partnership with parents, carers and school. Support may begin with an assessment and a level of planned intervention will be agreed. If appropriate, service monitoring continues throughout the child’s placement in fulltime education. This covers ages 0-18 years.

The service can offer

  • Advice on strategies and access to learning
  • Consultancy and indirect support
  • Dialogue with staff and other professionals
  • Direct support for visually impaired children at home or school
  • Early intervention with visually impaired babies
  • Family Support and links to local and national agencies
  • Joint Assessment of functional use of vision
  • Monitoring support for pupils
  • Raising awareness of visual impairment
  • Specific training for young persons for example life skills, touch typing, pre braille skills etc
  • Staff development and training


If you think that a child is having a difficulty with their functional use of vision or notice a change causing you to have concern about how they are using their vision in class, you can seek advice from the teacher for visual impairment by contacting:

The Sensory Service
Visual Impairment
Rm 19 Tillicoultry Primary School
FK13 6PL      
Tel 01259 452455

The teacher will discuss with you whether a formal referral is necessary.


Schools and Early Learning Centres should complete the appropriate staged intervention documentation ie GIRFEC forms 1 and 2 and submit to the above address. Referrals are also accepted from parents, Family Centres, and medical professionals.

Further Information

For further information, please contact the service or visit VINCYP where information is stored nationally about visual impairment in Scotland.