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School Travel Projects

School Travel Projects

Travel Trees

Travel Trees are a good way for younger pupils to visualise how they travel to school.

  1. Cut out the outline of a bare tree (winter tree).
  2. Get some red, orange and green paper and cut into leaf shapes.
  3. Put the leaf shapes into containers next to the bare tree.
  4. Every time a child travels to school by car they can place a red leaf on the tree.
  5. Every time a child travels to school by bus they can place an orange leaf on the tree.
  6. Every time a child travels to school by foot/bicycle they can place a green leaf on the tree.

At the end of the week/month children will be able to see how healthy their journeys to school are. The greener the tree, the better.

Top Tips

  • Compare how pupils travel in different seasons.
  • Take photos of the trees and keep them for comparison.
  • Have class trees as well as school trees for class comparisons.
  • Give those who have no option but to travel to school by car a chance to receive a green leaf if they park away and walk part of the way to school.

Travel Green Days

Why not introduce travel green days to your school? These can be set days in a school term when pupils and teachers travel to school in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

If it works, try having a Green day every week. Remember that travel need not be the only green project promoted.

Carbon Calculators

Using fossil fuels such as oil and petrol leads to the emission of carbon dioxide. See how well you score. Have a look at the Education Scotland website.

Travel Diaries

Keep a diary of all the journeys that you make and how you make them for one week. Then try to increase the number of journeys that you make on foot during the next week. You might be surprised by how much more you can do for very little effort.

You might like to try using a pedometer. A pedometer records the number of paces that you take whilst wearing it.

Did you know:

  • Health professionals suggest that the average person should walk 10,000 paces a day
  • The average person actually walks around 4,500 paces each day.

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