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Home Education

Home Education

Every child has a right to an education, and the Education (Scotland) Act 1980 states that it is the duty of the parent or guardian of every child of school age to provide efficient education for them suitable to their age, ability and aptitude, either by them attending a public school regularly or 'by other means'.

Home education is one such 'other means'. It is conditional upon the parents providing an education suitable to the age, ability and aptitude of their child.  It should also take account of any special educational needs that the child may have.

Home education is a key aspect of parental choice and is an equally valid choice alongside the option to send a child to school.

Each individual enquiry about home education, request to withdraw a child from school, or contact between a local authority and a home educating family will be dealt with as fairly, consistently, timeously and accurately as possible.

Is consent needed to home educate?

While consent is needed for withdrawal from school, consent is not needed to home educate in itself.

Consent is not needed in the following situations:

  • The child has never attended a public school
  • The child has never attended a public school in that authority's area
  • The child is being withdrawn from an independent school
  • The child has finished primary education in one school but has not started secondary education in another
  • The school the child has been attending has closed

Although there is no statutory duty upon parents to inform Clackmannanshire Council that you are home educating if you do not require consent, we would prefer home educators in Clackmannanshire, or moving into Clackmannanshire, to contact us so that we can provide support and advice, if required.

Thinking about home education?

If you are a parent and are thinking about home education, you may find it helpful to discuss your plans with us. Please contact us on 01259 452000 or and you will be put in touch with the Home Education Officer.

Withdrawing your child from school

Under Section 35 of the Education (Scotland) Act 1980, parents of a child who has been attending a public school must seek the local authority's consent before withdrawing their child from that school, and the authority must not unreasonably withhold consent.

If you wish to withdraw your child from a school they are already attending, please write or email us using the details at the bottom of this page putting Home Education in the subject line of your letter or email.

When writing to us you should include:

  • how you will provide an efficient and suitable education for your child,
  • when home education is proposed to start,
  • what the child's views on home education are (if they wish to give them).

We aim to make a decision on most requests within 6 weeks (excluding school holidays). Your child must attend school until we send you a letter with consent to withdraw.

We have no legal responsibility to provide parents with access to educational resources and activities if they are home educating.

Further information

For Further Information Contact

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