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Black Devon Wetland

Black Devon Wetland

The Black Devon Wetland, at the junction of the Black Devon with the Forth, was created in two separate phases providing approximately 28 hectares of wetland, a priority habitat for the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy.

Managed retreat project

Clackmannanshire Heritage Trust was responsible for the first phase, some 7 hectares, which was carried out in the late 1990s with the creation of lagoons adjacent to the Black Devon, with a sluice to allow tidal flooding.

This project was the first known "managed retreat" project in Scotland and was a response to the potential consequences of global warming and sea level rise. The ecology of the locality was enhanced as a consequence of the works. In 2000 the project was awarded a SEPA Habitat Enhancement Award and it was praised for its innovative and forward looking approach.

Black Devon Landfill Restoration Project

The remainder of the wetland was created by the Council, as an integral part of the Black Devon Landfill Restoration Project in 2005. This project involved the capping of the landfill site at the confluence of the Black Devon and Forth at the end of its operational life and its restoration to grassland. The capping soils were stripped from land adjoining the landfill site, extending the wetland by some 21 hectares, including a number of small islands for safe roosting areas. The site is frequented by redshank, lapwing, swans, terns and greylag geese.

The use of soils from the immediate vicinity of the landfill site was a very cost effective approach, which reduced environmental disturbance to Alloa and allowed wider biodiversity objectives to be met.

The project has been recognised nationally by an Association for Public Sector Excellence Award for Environmental Innovation and a commendation for sustainable development in the Scottish Awards for Quality in Planning.

Inner Forth Landscape Initiative

A third major phase of work at the Black Devon Wetland started under the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative.

RSPB entered into a formal partnership with the Council, taking over management of the site in 2015 and with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund in addition to support from the EU and the Clackmannanshire Heritage Trust established a further network of paths in the area along with a boardwalk and viewing platform that has rapidly become an iconic visitor attraction as well as a popular feature with the local community.

This is one of the flagship projects under the Inner Forth Landscape Initiative and enhances its standing as an area of national and international importance for wildlife.

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