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Bus Stop Short Message Service (SMS) Codes - Clackmannanshire

Bus Stop Short Message Service (SMS) Codes - Clackmannanshire

Bus Stop SMS Number
Bowhouse Road Opposite No.15 26523595
Bristol Street Opposite No.9 Shetland Court 26524274
Forth Crescent Opposite Lomond Court 26523593
Forth Crescent At Rugby Pitches 26523592
Forth Crescent Opposite Rugby Pitches 26523589
Forth Crescent Opposite St Mungos Primary School 26523587
Forth Crescent At No.27 Maree Court 26523586
Forth Crescent Opposite No.27 Maree Court 26523585
Devon Road At No.57 26523584
Devon Road At No.6 26523583
Tullibody Road Opposite Lornshill Academy 26524239
Tullibody Road Near Lornshill Academy 26524242
Tullibody Road Opposite No.35 Thorne Road 26523528
Tullibody Road At Nos.71-75 26523575
Tullibody Road Opposite Nos. 71-75 26523576
Tullibody Road At No.37 Fairyburn Road 26523529
Tullibody Road Opposite No.32 Fairyburn Road 26523532
Tullibody Road Opposite No.3 Fairyburn Road 26523535
Churchill Street At No.104 26523578
Churchill Street At No.60 26523579
Churchill Street At No.30 26523582
Tullibody Road At No.63 Fairyburn Road 26523536
Tullibody Road At No.38 26523539
Tullibody Road Opposite No.38 26523538
Tullibody Road Opposite Greenfield Headquarters 26523542
Mar Place At Ludgate House 26523543
Mar Place At Pepe's Nightclub 26524236
Mar Place Opposite Alloa Police Station 26523546
Parkway Opposite Alloa Leisure Bowl 26523573
Parkway Near Alloa Leisure Bowl 26523572
Sunnyside Road Opposite Bowling Club 26523574
Parkhead Road At No.30 26523567
Parkhead Road At No.10 26524237
Parkhead Road At Community Church 26523568
Ashley Terrace Opposite Health Centre 26523564
Ashley Terrace At Health Centre 26523563
Ashley Terrace At No.42 26523562
Ashley Terrace At Nos.53-59 26523549
Ashley Terrace At Nos.72-74 26523548
Ashley Terrace At Nos.129-131 26523547
Ashley Terrace At Nos.108-110 26523685
Ashley Terrace Opposite No.277 26523684
Greenside Street Near Car Park 26523753
Bedford Place At Royal Oak Hotel 26523683
Bedford Place Opposite Royal Oak Hotel 26523678
Grange Road At No.3 26523675
Grange Road Opposite No.13 26523674
Smithfield Loan At No.46 26523673
Ludgate Opposite War Memorial 26523687
Claremont At Tulligarth Park 26523686
Shillinghill Stance A At Ben Cleuch Bar 26523658
Shillinghill Stance B At Iceland 26523657
Clackmannan Road Opposite Balfour Street 26523474
Clackmannan Road At Kwik Fit 26523475
Clackmannan Road Near Fire Station 26523478
Clackmannan Road Opposite Recreation Park 26523476
Whins Road At No.46 26523473
Whins Road Opposite No.50 26523472
Whins Road Opposite No.76 26523469
Whins Road At Balmyre Training Centre 26523468
Turning Circle At Tesco 26523659
Hillcrest Drive Opposite Balfour Street H & R 26523754
Springfield Road At Hilton Road H & R 26523759
Lamberton Terrace At Whins Road H & R 26523757
Gaberston Avenue At No.36 H & R 26523758
Hawkhill Road At No.66 H & R 26523756
Grant Street Opposite No.6 H & R 26523825
Caledonian Road At Grant Street H & R 26523826
Bellevue Road Opp No.42 Caledonian Road H & R 26523827
Redwell Place At Stirling Road H & R 26523828
Carse Terrace At No.7 H & R 26523829
Academy Street At No.28 H & R 26523832
Gean Road At No.22 H & R 26523834
Drysdale Street Taxi Rank At Post Office 26524269
Mill Street Taxi Rank Opposite Woolworths 26524272
Claremont At Claremont Grove 26523847
Sunnyside Road At Bowling Club 26523846
Ashley Terrace At Nos.267-269 26523845
Ashley Terrace At Nos.193-199 26523892
Claremont At No.83 26523848
In Forth Valley College 26523849
Forth Crescent Layby At St Mungo's Primary School 26523893
In St Mungos Primary School 26523878
Clackmannan Road At Morrisons 26523897
Tullibody Road In Lornshill Academy 26523876
Smithfield Loan At No.2 26524248
Smithfield Loan At No.3 26524249
Smithfield Loan Opposite No.60 26524252
Smithfield Loan Opposite New Struan Autism Centre 26524254
Smithfield Loan At New Struan Autism Centre 26524253
Devon Road At No.36 Tay Court 26524247
Whins Road At Asda 26524258
Whins Road Opposite Asda 26524259
Tullibody Road At No.15 Fairyburn Road 26523534
Devon Road At No.43 Maree Court 26524273
Forth Crescent Near Engelen Drive 26524285
Bristol Street At No.9 Shetland Court 26523594
Broad Street Opposite Park Primary School 26524278
Broad Street At Park Primary School 26524276
Tullibody Road At No.66 26523537
Bus Stop SMS Number
East Stirling Street Opposite Dickies Well 26523265
East Stirling Street At Lovers Loan 26523264
East Stirling Street Opposite No.20a 26523263
East Stirling Street Opposite No.83 26523262
West Stirling Street At No.41 Myretoungate 26523743
West Stirling Street Opposite No.37 Myretoungate 26523742
West Stirling Street Opposite No.29 Glenwinnel Road 26523746
Stirling Road At Turning Circle 26523456
West Stirling Street At Cochrane Park 26523745
West Stirling Street Opposite Cochrane Hall 26523452
West Stirling Street At D&M Fashions Outlet 26523453
West Stirling Street At The Cairn 26523454
West Stirling Street At Bank Of Scotland 26523435
Stirling Street Opposite The Cross Keys 26523436
Stirling Street At Baynes Bakery 26523437
Stirling Street At Croftshaw Road 26523439
Stirling Street Opposite Johnstone Arms Hotel 26523438
Park Street In Alva Academy 26523875
Bus Stop SMS Number
Benview Terrace Near Turn Off To Marchglen 26523465
Benview Terrace Opposite No.23 26523464
Benview Terrace At No.24 26523872
Bus Stop SMS Number
Stirling Road Near Cambus Cottage 26523638
Main Street At Post Office 26523854
Bus Stop SMS Number
Alloa Road Opposite Cemetery 26523487
Alloa Road At No.8 Devonway 26523489
Alloa Road At No.2 26523483
Alloa Road At Nos.19-21 26523484
Alloa Road At No.38 26523485
Alloa Road At Asian Cottage 26523486
Alloa Road Opposite No.76 26523492
Alloa Road At Nos.90-92 26523493
Alloa Road Opposite No.112 26523496
Alloa Road At No.21 Duke Street 26523497
Alloa Road At No.16 Mannan Drive 26523498
South Pilmuir Road Opposite No.25 26523523
Lochies Road At No.17 26523524
Lochies Road At No.20 26523495
Port Street At Football Park 26523494
Port Street At No.27 26523737
Main Street At No.20 26523736
Main Street At The Horseshoe Bar 26523729
Main Street At No.38 26524243
Main Street At Health Centre 26523734
Devonway At No.15 H & R 26523835
Devonway At No.20 H & R 26523836
Mannan Drive At No.22 H & R 26523837
St Serfs Grove Opp No.2 H & R 26523839
Mercat Place Opp No.11 H & R 26523842
Mannan Drive At Mercat Place H & R 26523838
South Pilmuir Road At No.25 26523865
Bus Stop SMS Number
Wardlaw Street At No.37 26523274
Wardlaw Street At Football Park 26523273
Main Street At Burns Club 26523275
Main Street Opposite Burns Club 26523276
Main Street At No.20 26523278
Main Street At Public Library 26523279
The Glen Opposite The Glenhead Inn 26523282
Devon Village
Bus Stop SMS Number
Devon Village Opposite No.7 26523463
Devon Village At No.5 26523467
Bus Stop SMS Number
The Glen Opposite Langour 26523284
The Glen At Drummie Road 26523283
Alexandra Street At No.3 26523462
Alexandra Street At No.34 26523459
Alexandra Street Opposite No.56 26523458
Alexandra Street Opposite The Craigs 26523457
The Glen Opposite Drummie Road 26524257
Bus Stop SMS Number
Harvieston Road Near Dean Place 26523293
Harvieston Road At No.22 26523294
Harvieston Road At St James The Great Church 26523652
Bridge Street Opposite Mitchell Court 26523285
Bridge Street At R R Henderson Ltd 26523286
Bridge Street At Cafe Des Floures 26523287
Bridge Street At Kings Seat Public House 26523289
Muckhart Road At Parish Church 26523292
Manse Road At No.10 26523649
The Ness At Turning Circle 26523789
Muckhart Road At No.2 26524246
Milne Avenue In Dollar Academy 26523879
Harvieston Road At No.5 26524292
Bus Stop SMS Number
Alloa Road At Primary School 26523432
Alloa Road At No.22 26523434
Pitfairn Road At Nos.29-31 26523243
Pitfairn Road Opposite No.61 26523245
Bus Stop SMS Number
King O Muirs Road At King O Muirs Avenue 26523246
King O Muirs Road Opposite King O Muirs Avenue 26524234
King O Muirs Road At Glenochil Prison 26524279
King O Muirs Road Opposite Glenochil Prison 26524282
Bus Stop SMS Number
Kennet Village Opposite No.8 26523526
Kennet Village At No.8 26523527
Bus Stop SMS Number
At Layby On A977 26523867
Bus Stop SMS Number
Main Street West At Nos.19-21 26523248
Main Street West At No.64 26523249
Main Street West At Menstrie House 26523252
Main Street East Opposite No.2 26523253
Main Street East At Dumyat Centre 26523254
Holbourne Place At No.41 26523256
Main Street East At No.2 Clifford Park 26523257
Main Street East Opposite No.4 Clifford Park 26523258
Victoria Terrace At No.25 26523738
Victoria Terrace Opposite Glenochil Nursery 26523739
Main Street West At Church 26524283
Pool of Muckhart
Bus Stop SMS Number
At War Memorial 26523295
Opposite Coronation Hall 26523296
At The Muckhart Inn 26523297
Opposite Post Office 26523298
Bus Stop SMS Number
Hallpark Opposite No.51 Quarry Place 26523479
Hallpark At Vauxhall Garage 26523482
Mar Place Opposite Public Hall 26523728
Mar Place At No.20 Holton Crescent 26523727
Pompee Road Opposite No.34 26523724
Roundelwood At No.21 26523723
Abbey Craig Road Opposite No.29 26523698
Fairfield Road At No.56 26523725
Fairfield Road At No.2 Holton Crescent 26523726
Main Street Opposite Post Office 26523425
Main Street Opposite Library 26523426
Main Street At No.116 26523428
Main Street At No.149 26523427
Main Street Near Hillview Court 26523429
Gartmorn Road Opposite Nos.29-31 26523695
Gartmorn Road Opposite No.85 26523696
Gartmorn Road Opposite No.113 26523697
Deerpark At No.77 26523694
Beechwood At Nos.69-71 26523693
Branshill Road At No.1 H & R 26523797
Branshill Road At Roundelwood H & R 26523798
Ten Acres At No.52 H & R 26523823
Ten Acres Opposite No.2 H & R 26523824
Main Street Opposite Hillview Court 26523856
Deerpark Opposite No.21 26523857
Deerpark At No.21 26523858
Deerpark Opposite No.77 26523859
Gartmorn Road At No.113 26523862
Gartmorn Road At No.85 26523863
Gartmorn Road At Nos.29-31 26523864
Pompee Road At No.29 26523232
Beechwood At Nos.48-50 26523925
Beechwood At No.14 26523923
Beechwood At Nos.21-25 26523924
Craigview Opposite Shawpark Golf Club H & R 26524263
Craigview At No.6 H & R 26524264
Greygoran At No.1a H & R 26524265
Greygoran At Main Street H & R 26524267
Bus Stop SMS Number
Moss Road At Devonvale Hall 26523272
Moss Road Opposite Devonvale Hall 26523269
Murray Square At Stirling Bus Stance 26523786
Murray Square At Dollar Bus Stance 26523784
Murray Square At Alloa Bus Stance 26523785
Dollar Road Opposite No.44 26523267
Dollar Road Opposite Cemetery 26524235
High Street At Hillfoots Tyre Centre 26523787
High Street At Atkinson And Co 26523646
High Street Opposite No.31 26524238
High Street At Family Centre 26523647
Upper Mill Street Opposite No.24 26523639
Walker Terrace At Nos.16-18 26523642
Stalker Avenue At No.14 26523643
Stalker Avenue At Church Grove 26523645
Stalker Avenue Opposite No.43 26523747
Harviestoun Grove At Nos.79-81 26523749
Harviestoun Grove Opposite No.75 26523748
Harviestoun Grove At No.14 26523752
Upper Mill Street At No.24 26524245
At Sterling Mills 26524284
Walker Terrace Opposite No.16 26523869
Bus Stop SMS Number
Stirling Road Opposite Turning Circle 26523625
Stirling Road At Turning Circle 26523626
Stirling Road Opposite Knowefaulds Road 26523628
Stirling Road At No.66 26523627
Stirling Road At No.65 26523629
Stirling Road At Abercromby Arms Hotel 26523596
Stirling Road Opposite Abercromby Arms Hotel 26523597
Menstrie Road At Nos.12-14 26523235
Main Street At The Inn 26523236
Main Street At Health Centre 26523237
School Road Opposite Old School Court 26523238
Park Terrace Opposite No.7 26523239
Park Terrace At No.10 26523242
Newmills At No.82 26523634
Carseview At No.2 26523635
Carseview At No.258 26523636
The Orchard At Talisker 26523637
Alloa Road Opposite No.35 26523598
Alloa Road At No.43 26523623
Alloa Road Opposite News Food And Wine Shop 26523624
Alloa Road At Blackmuir Place 26523632
Abercromby Place At No.1 H & R 26523765
Banchory Place At No.60 H & R 26523769
Firs Road At No.1 H & R 26523762
St Serfs Road At No.84 H & R 26523767
Knowefaulds Road At Dovecot Road H & R 26523782
Knowefaulds Road At Stirling Road H & R 26523783
St Serfs Road At Dovecot Road H & R 26523768
Delphwood Crescent At No.52 H & R 26523763
Firs Road At No.60 H & R 26523764
The Orchard Opposite Talisker 26523894
The Orchard Opposite No.117 Carseview 26523895
The Orchard At No.125 Carseview 26523896
Menstrie Road Opposite Nos.12-14 26523926
Stirling Road Opposite The Orchard 26524286
Stirling Road Near The Orchard 26524287
Yetts of Muckhart
Bus Stop SMS Number
Near Old Toll House 26523423
At Hillhead 26523424
Opposite Hillhead 26524262

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