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Adult Carer Support Plan

Adult Carer Support Plan

What is an Adult Carer Support Plan?

The Adult Carer Support Plan is an opportunity to express your views and needs as an unpaid carer. In the past, the Adult Carer Support Plan was referred to as a Carers Assessment.

The Adult Carer Support Plan is not about judging your ability to care or the way in which you carry out your caring role. It is an opportunity for you to identify what matters to you and how you can best be supported. The Support Plan must include the following information:

  • The nature and extent of the care you provide, and how this impacts your wellbeing,
  • how willing you are and how able you are to continue to provide care,
  • emergency plans,
  • future care plans,
  • information about the support that will be provided to meet your identified needs,
  • consideration about whether your needs can be met by support to the person you care for or by access to services generally available in the local area for example information and advice services, money advice services,
  • whether your support should include a short break from caring /planned regular breaks from caring,
  • when the plan should be reviewed (and in subsequent reviews what impact the plan has had on achieving your personal outcomes).

Who should I contact to request an Adult Carer Support Plan?

You or your representative should contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.

Who sees the Adult Carer Support Plan?

The person you are working with on the plan and yourself.  In addition it may be important to share information with other people who can help you  to achieve your desired outcomes. You'll be asked to allow this sharing before it happens. No one should see your plan without your permission. 

What support/services can Social Services offer?

There is a duty to provide support for carers whose needs meet the local eligibility criteria.

  • An opportunity to discuss your needs and what services are available including the option of self-directed support for you as a carer
  • Additional services to the person you care for can be provided, if assessed as required
  • Information on carer’s support services and other sources of support
  • Contact details of who can offer support at times of pressure

What can you do if you are not satisfied with the assessment or the service?

If you want to comment or complain about the way the assessment is carried out or the quality of service you received, contact the Team Manager or Service Manager.

For Further Information Contact

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