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Organising a Litter Clear up in the Community

Organising a Litter Clear up in the Community

Advice and support are offered to community groups wishing to organise a local litter pick.

Waste Services can provide:

  • Loan of litter pickers
  • Refuse sacks
  • Rubbish collection from an agreed location

To make arrangements, please use our request form. You can choose to complete the interactive form online, save and email to if you wish.

Make your event safe and successful

Before the event:
  • Seek permission from the landowner responsible for the land you want to clean up.
  • Visit the site prior to the event and undertake a risk assessment to identify potential hazards such as bulky or hazardous waste. Examples are asbestos sheeting, bits of cars, shopping trolleys or old carpets. If present, seek advice by calling Waste Services using the contact details listed below.
  • If you find drugs related litter you should contact either the council via our online Report It facility, email or phone 01259 450000 or Police Scotland on 101. Please give as accurate a description of the location as possible to allow for the safe and speedy removal of the items.
  • Make sure volunteers are supplied with appropriate protective gloves and advise them to wear old clothes and suitable footwear.
  • If glass is present, consider providing a brush, shovel and suitable container to a designated person.
  • Make sure you have adequate first aid provision for your event.
  • Check your group has insurance to cover the issues that may arise.
  • For very large events, have a designated meeting point that is constantly manned in case of emergencies.
On the day of the event:
  • At the start, highlight possible hazards such as glass and dog waste and explain the arrangements for this type of waste.
  • Make a list of the people involved and include contact details.
  • Let people know where they can get assistance for example if someone cuts themself.
  • Ensure all rubbish is at the designated uplift point for collection by Waste Services.
  • At the end of the event, make sure all participants are safely accounted for.
  • Stress the importance of wearing gloves. Litter that has been lying for some time can pick up bugs for example dog waste.
  • Remind all participants to wash their hands after the event.
Particular recommendations to consider when children are participating:
  • There is no reason why children cannot take part in a litter picking event if properly supervised.
  • Divide children into groups with each group being supervised by an adult. Consider an appropriate ratio bearing in mind the character and age of the children involved and the type of area you are working in.
  • Avoid litter picking near busy roads or waterways with particularly young children.
  • Make sure children know what they can pick up, such as cans, paper, crisp bags, food waste, plastic bottles etc. If larger items are present, consider carefully what is within the capability of the group. Consult with parents if need be.
  • Also make sure they know to look out for dog waste and not to pick up hazardous items such as glass and syringes.
  • Ensure they are wearing appropriate clothing and have suitable gloves.
  • Only include children whose parents have given written permission or are present and taking part in the activity.
  • Ensure they wash their hands at the end of the event.

It is the responsibility of the event organiser to make sure the event is safe and appropriate risk assessments are in place.

Keep Scotland Beautiful have launched a new campaign, why not get involved in the Clean up Scotland Campaign.

For Further Information Contact

Kelliebank Depot, Riverbank Ind Est, Alloa, FK10 1NT
Tel: 01259 226933 / 450000