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Procurement Strategy

Procurement Strategy

Procurement is a key enabler for the delivery of the public services which Clackmannanshire Council provides.

The Council developed an Interim Procurement Strategy to comply with the requirement to prepare and publish a procurement strategy by 31 December 2016. The first procurement strategy covered the remainder of the Council’s 2016/17 financial year and its full 2017/18 financial year.

We stated that during the 2017/18 period the Council would undertake relevant and proportionate consultation and engagement when preparing the full procurement strategy before approval by the Council.

The Consultation Opened on 9th August 2017 and Closed on 29th September with two submissions received

Why were we consulting?

The purpose of the consultation was to ensure that the Council’s approach and procurement strategy takes account of stakeholders’ views and that stakeholders had the opportunity to engage and contribute to development of the strategy.

In doing so, the Council will gain a better understanding of the needs of the area and tailor the strategy to reflect those needs. Indeed one of the areas that the strategy itself must address is the Council’s policy on consulting and engaging with those affected by its procurements.

The Council aims to be flexible and to respond to the rapidly changing environment around public sector procurement and to learn from its own experience and the experiences of others. The rapidly changing environment is well illustrated by the pace of technological change currently associated with e-procurement.

The overarching purpose of the Strategy is to support the delivery of high quality public services that offer value for money, and in a sustainable way take account of best practice and EU and Scottish procurement legislation.

This Strategy sets out how the Council will:

  • Make procurement easier for suppliers and the Council alike
  • Increase the professionalism and commercial skill of those carrying out procurements for the Council
  • Give opportunity to local and SME suppliers to participate by increasing visibility of the Council’s procurement plans and opportunities
  • Maximise innovation, sustainability and collaboration in procurement activities

What Happens Next

Feedback and views from participants will shape the development of the final Procurement Strategy before seeking approval by Council.

We hope to have the final strategy in place to cover the period April 2018 – 2021 meeting.

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