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Satisfied Customers 2013/14

The Housing Investment Team have set clear customer service standards which are established within each and every improvement project. We have committed ourselves to providing clear and informative customer information.

Within each project we also hold local information events, where appropriate, and all external contractors are trained to our own Customer Service Standards prior to any contract commencing. It is also a requirement that all contractors go through our Customer Care induction prior to commencing any works within our properties and common areas.

All tenants involved in our programme are surveyed following completion of works. In 2013/14, 93.25% of returns were satisfied with the product delivered via the Housing Capital Programme. Furthermore, some 82.5% of all returns were "very satisfied" with the complete works. This is a marked increase of 16.5% in comparison with the previous year in this category.

Customer satisfaction from Projects Completed
Number of projects111420
Number of customers surveyed8172,4591,167
Percentage Return rate19%53%35%
Target Customer Satisfaction Rate90%90%90%
Customers very satisfied with upgrade69%67%82.5%
Overall Percentage of customers satisfied with upgrade81%87%93.25%

Customer feedback is essential to ensure that we as a Council are meeting our quality standard and tenants' expectations. All the comments and feedback that we receive is used to help us improve the service that we provide.

Lessons learned from feedback

The Housing Investment Team continues to monitor comments and returns from survey forms. Our wet wall panels being fitted as part of our bathroom programme continue to be well received by our tenants.

A lesson learned from previous feedback and projects has led to a closer review of the programming of works, in particular electrical re-wiring and central heating replacement. As we now have a four-year term contract for both heating replacement and safe electrical rewiring, this has enabled us to plan upgrades to minimise disturbance for our tenants. Previous central heating contracts were grant-dependant and did not allow this flexibility of lead-in time.

Furthermore, we have now improved and revised the key information we supply to tenants prior to contracts commencing through enhancing our information booklets. This covers information in greater detail for key upgrades such as central heating replacement, safe electrical re-wiring kitchen and bathroom replacement, electrical testing and roof and wall upgrades. We are also giving enhanced information on the contractors carrying out the work within our properties.

At the outset of the bathroom programme, some of the feedback from tenants was highlighting a lack of information from the contractor in terms of job and trades programming of work. Following this, we ensured that contractors produced a schedule of works stage by stage installation plan to be given to tenants at the outset. This advises to customers exactly is due to be carried out each day during the work. This improved clarity for our tenants and has reduced the number of problems gaining access to properties. This was a direct result of us having acted on customer feedback.

Another example of us acting on feedback is through the setting up of three separate zones within our external wall insulation project in Devonway Clackmannan to allow works to be carried out concurrently. Feedback from a similar project at Mentieth Court Alloa highlighted the concerns of tenants regarding congestion and a concentration of resources at a single point. Through having three smaller zones, this avoided these problems on site.

We have also listening and learned from our tenants by ensuring glazing panels within common close doors rather than metal side screens. This allows greater natural daylight into common areas and reduces the reliance upon lights. This was a specification change following tenant feedback.

Responses to Formal Enquiries 2013-14

Through the course of the year, as well as answering enquiries from customers, the Housing Investment Team also receive formal requests for information from our local MP & MSP, Elected Members and formal complaints from customers. The Housing Investment Team strive to answer these as quickly as possible within the agreed corporate time scales. Our performance in responding to these is as follows:

Performance Responding to Formal Enquiries
 Number% Responses within timescaleNumber% Responses within timescaleNumber% Responses within timescale
MP/MSP Enquiries3100%11100%13100%
Councillor Enquiries31100%55100%25100%
Formal Complaints3100%366%2100% one complaint upheld

Contact information

Housing Investment Team
Kilncraigs, Greenside Street, Alloa, FK10 1EB
Tel: 01259 450000