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Traffic Management

Traffic Management

The management of traffic is essential if we are to improve safety, environmental issues, accessibility, reduce congestion and to improve healthy living.

Traffic management covers

  • parking
  • waiting restrictions
  • weight restrictions
  • signposting etc

It also, increasingly encompasses

  • traffic calming
  • speed reduction schemes and
  • home zones

The council aims to maximise access to our existing roads and promote travel opportunities. This is achieved through the management of bus facilities, taxis, pedestrians, cycling, car parking, disabled parking and access, loading and unloading, and residents' parking.

A priority is to provide easy access for people to our bus services and the railway station in Alloa.

Our traffic management officers must consider all users when making changes to the roads infrastructure often resulting in a compromise solution that balances the benefits among all groups.

Things to remember

  1. Do not park at dropped kerbs or other pedestrian crossing points. This causes great inconvenience and creates potential danger particularly for the elderly, mobility impaired and parents with prams and pushchairs.
  2. Do not stop your car near a school entrance.
  3. Do not park on the pavement. Parking on the pavement can obstruct and seriously inconvenience pedestrians, particularly mobility impaired people and parents with prams or pushchairs.
  4. Do not park opposite or within 10 metres of a junction, except in an authorised parking space.
  5. Always give way to pedestrians at a zebra crossing and to school crossing patrols.
  6. Reduce your speed to below 20mph in the vicinity of a school and in residential streets.
  7. Give way to buses leaving bus stops.
  8. Beware of cyclists when turning left and when opening car doors.
  9. Do not place advertising boards or obstructions on the pavement.
  10. Avoid driving your child/ren to school as by doing so you are contributing to congestion, poor parking choices and increasing dangers around your school.

Traffic Calming

Tourist Signposting Strategy

Clackmannanshire Council as Roads Authority has prepared a tourist signposting strategy, designed to be sensitive to the needs of local tourism while not compromising the needs of local road safety, traffic management or amenity.


There are a number of bridges and roads in Clackmannanshire subject to height or weight restrictions. Please see the bridge and road restrictions page for more details, including links to maps.

Safer Footways for Pedestrians

Encouraging walking is vitally important within Clackmannanshire as a means of improving health and the environment. Nearly everybody walks at some part of their journey even if it only from their car to the shop. For may people walking is their primary method of travel. Therefore we need to make it as easy as possible for all pedestrians to get around using the footways. Find out more on our safer footways page.

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