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Public Car Parks

Clackmannanshire has over 800 free public parking spaces. All public car parks in Clackmannanshire are available FREE of charge and are not time restricted. Private cars and light vehicles are welcome in all of our car parks and large goods vehicles (LGV) are permitted to stay overnight in King Street car park. The larger car parks have marked disabled bays and there are specific bays for larger, specially adapted disabled vehicles in King Street and Greenside Street car parks.

The town centre car parks in Alloa benefit from CCTV coverage and the majority have been awarded Park Mark Safer Parking Award status. This award is endorsed by the Association of Chief Police Officers Scotland (ACPOS), the British Parking Association (BPA) and the Home Office and the Scottish Government.

Town Centre Car Parking is available at the following locations:

Alloa: King Street; Alloa Railway Station; Candleriggs; Mill Road; East Vennel; Greenside Street; Marshill and St. Mungo's Wynd.
Alva: Queen Street; Lower Cobden Street and Cochrane Park.
Clackmannan: Main Street; Castle Street.
Dollar: West Burnside; Hillfoots Road.
Menstrie: Dumyat Leisure Centre
Sauchie: Main Street (A908); Mar Place; Fairfield.
Tillicoultry: Bank Street; Murray Place; Upper Mill Street; Stirling Street and Park Street.
Tullibody: Tron Court (Ochil Street); Abercromby Place.

These car parks are meant for parking only and the following operations are not permitted;

  • sale of goods, skills or services or any operation related to the sale of goods, skills or services,
  • sleeping or camping,
  • servicing or washing of vehicles, other than is reasonably necessary for that vehicle to depart from the parking place,
  • erection of tents, stands, buildings, market stalls or other structure without the written consent of the Council,
  • lighting of fires
  • playing of games

Disabled Parking

The criteria for a Disabled Parking Space is:

  • The applicant must reside at the address at which the marking is provided,
  • The vehicle must normally be kept on-street at this address (if a driveway is present the application will be refused),
  • The applicant must be in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (mobility component at the higher rate) or a Vehicle Excise Duty Exemption Certificate (VEDEC),
  • There must be a real and persistent difficulty in parking on-street at the location.

Any application must be subject to road safety criteria determined by Roads & Transportation Services.

A disabled parking space can be used by any vehicle displaying a blue badge.

The applicant should be aware that any disabled parking space provided by the Council will not be for their exclusive use.

The application form for a disabled parking space can be downloaded from this page.

Restricted Parking Zones

There is one restricted parking zone in operation in Alloa. The zone covers Mill Road between East Vennel and Mill Road car park. Within the zone, parking is prohibited anywhere except within marked and signposted bays. Within a restricted parking zone the use of yellow lines is not required. The time and type of parking restriction is clearly signposted at the entry to the zone.

In Mill Road drivers should give priority to pedestrians. This is a shopping street and a pedestrian route which has no marked or designated footways. Drivers must expect to wait while pedestrians cross or continue along the street and should not try to hurry up slow pedestrians with impolite or aggressive driving behaviour.

Illegal Parking

Any illegal parking or inappropriate parking on the public road must be reported to Police Scotland. The Council have no legal authority to enforce any parking violations. The most common reports of illegal or inappropriate parking are:

  • Parking on the footway/verges
  • Parking within 10 metres of a junction
  • Obstruction of residential driveways or garages
  • Overnight parking of Large Goods Vehicles (over 3.5T) on the public road

Lorry Parking

The parking of lorries in residential areas is a common complaint to the Council amongst Clackmannanshire residents. The Council have made provision for two hour parking of large goods vehicles (lorries) at the lay-bys adjacent to the A class roads.

Any vehicle with a 'Goods Vehicle Operator Licence' is classed as a large goods vehicle and as such must only be parked overnight at its designated operating centre. A large goods vehicle is classed as a commercial vehicle that weighs over 3.5 tonnes. These vehicles are not permitted to park on any street, off street car park or residential area. They may only park in an off street car park or driveway if these are the agreed operating centre for the vehicle. Operating centres are agreed with DVSA, these are generally not in residential areas, however any resident concerned about the parking of large goods vehicles should contact DVSA on 0300 123 9000 or with the registration of the vehicle for further investigation.

If any vehicle is creating a road safety concern then this should be reported to the police. The Council would encourage all drivers of large goods vehicles and other commercial vehicles to avoid parking in residential areas at any time.

If the concern over the parking of a vehicle is in connection with the possible operation of a business from a domestic premises, then this may be a planning matter. Any queries should be directed to Development Quality on 01259 450000 or by email at

Parking Outside Your Home

Finding a place to park your car outside your home is becoming increasingly difficult in many residential streets in Clackmannanshire.

Finding a place to park your car is your responsibility. No one has a specific right to use the kerb side in front of their home.

It is not the responsibility of the Council to provide off street parking for residents, nevertheless Roads and Transportation will take reasonable action to manage and maximise on street parking in residential areas. The Council do not provide road restrictions or supply cones in connection with residents moving house. It is the responsibility of householders to organise their removal contract and liaise with neighbours where appropriate to ensure suitable access for removal vehicles.

If you are resident in certain streets in Alloa you may be entitled to a Residents Parking Permit. Residents Parking Permits are currently available for Drysdale Street, Mar Street and Primrose Street.

Primarily the objective of the Council is to keep your streets safe and accessible. Our priority is to keep your street free flowing so that emergency service vehicles, refuse vehicles, delivery vehicles and residents have access.

Whilst it might seem that you are keeping the road clear by parking your car wholly or partially on the footway, you are in fact blocking access for the most vulnerable road users, pedestrians, children, parents with prams, disabled people and the elderly. It is illegal to drive on a footway and it is also illegal to obstruct a footway with a vehicle.

When parking outside your home remember to consider your neighbours. Do not park across driveways and leave enough space either side of the drive for a car to manoeuvre in or out. Parking at the kerb on the opposite side from a driveway may also impede access to that drive.

It is both dangerous and illegal to park within 10 metres of a junction. A car parked here will hamper driver visibility, unduly narrow the road and obstruct passage for pedestrians.

Do not park works vans or lorries outside your home. These should be left at the place of work or parked in a convenient off street parking area with the owners permission.

Parking Restrictions in Residential Areas

The Council will not provide single or double yellow lines on streets when the prime function of that street is residential. Police Scotland have the authority to have vehicles removed where a vehicle is causing an obstruction eg. blocking access to a driveway or turning head or parking within 10m of a junction, even when there are no yellow lines present.

Driveway Protection Markings

The Council no longer provides 'Access Protection Markings' at driveways. Those that have been provided as a trial over the past few years will not be maintained.

It was found that if one such marking was placed on a street there is an implication to some people that they can therefore park across drives that are not marked. This potentially made the situation worse than it was before we applied any markings.

These markings have no regulatory backing and are prohibitively expensive to provide. The road markings are actually irrelevant as it is a traffic offence to obstruct a driveway, whether a road marking is in place or not.

If access to your drive is obstructed you should contact the Police Scotlandwho have the authority to have the offending vehicle moved.

For Further Information Contact

Roads, Traffic & Transportation
Kilncraigs, Greenside Street, Alloa, FK10 1EB
Tel: 01259 450000