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How should a planning objection be made?

How should a planning objection be made?

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Objections, comments or representations can be made by any individual or organisation. These should be done online using the Online Planning System.

For the objection or representation to be VALID it must be made for legitimate planning reasons. Examples of the most common valid and invalid grounds of objection are listed below:

Examples of VALID Planning Grounds 

  • Contrary to Development Plan (Structure Plan or Local Plan)
  • Appearance (design, materials etc)
  • Traffic, parking or access problems
  • Residential amenity (noise, overshadowing, overlooking)
  • Drainage problems
  • Effect on setting of Listed Building or character of Conservation Area

Examples of INVALID Planning Grounds

  • Devaluation of property
  • Loss of view
  • Possibility of future problems (eg use of property)
  • Hours of Work and damage during construction
  • Business issues relating to the applicant
  • Possible fire hazard
  • Contended legal rights e.g. ownership
  • Errors of notification

Objections in the form of petitions can also be submitted. These are acceptable provided that:

  • each page of the petition is headed with the aim of the petition;
  • the names and address of those signing are provided and are readable;
  • the objection(s)/representation(s) are valid and clearly stated;
  • the name and address of the Petition co-ordinator is included for receipt of acknowledgement and copy of decision (these will not be issued to individual signatories).

Pre-printed circular letters of objection/objection forms will be accepted as valid provided that they are individually signed and dated (note no acknowledgements or decision details will be issued). The co-ordinator of such campaigns should be made known to the Planning & Building Standards Team Leader/Case Officer.

Except where specified above, receipt of the objection/representation will be acknowledged, indicating whether or not the objection is considered to be valid. In due course those making valid objections will be notified of the decision and/or offered the chance to make an oral representation if the case is decided by the Planning Committee.

Please note that any representations or objections received form part of the public application file. This means that your name and address will appear on our website but personal details (comprising signature, personal phone numbers and personal email addresses) will be removed (redacted). Please also avoid making any statements in writing that you do not wish to be known by others.

All valid objections/representations are available to be seen by Council Members prior to decisions being made.

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