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Pupil Acceptable Standards Statement (PASS)

Pupil Acceptable Standards Statement (PASS)

Your school journey is made using transport provided by Clackmannanshire Council Education. We want to make sure that this journey is as comfortable, pleasant and, above all, as safe as it can be.

To do this, we need to work together in partnership. This statement sets out what you can expect from Clackmannanshire Council and the transport operators we work with. It will also explain what we require from you if you want to use this transport service, whether you travel to school on a contracted bus, taxi or by local bus service with a season ticket or with a Privilege Pass.

It is important that you know what your rights and responsibilities are.

If you use school transport provided by Clackmannanshire Council then you are agreeing to behave in a responsible way on the school journey. Failure to do so may result In your right to (free) school transport being removed.

Our Aims

Clackmannanshire Council works with many different transport operators to provide its school transport service. We want to ensure that everyone who uses this service is satisfied with it. You can expect that:

  • We will provide safe, fit for purpose transport.
  • We will aim to provide for services that run on time and are not over full.
  • We will provide a safe, welcoming environment so that the journey is pleasant for everyone on the vehicle - pupils, employees and members of the public.
  • We will encourage transport operators to ensure that all staff are properly trained, helpful and courteous.
  • We will investigate any complaints quickly and take appropriate action.
  • We will monitor behaviour on all vehicles using various methods, including CCTV, and work closely with operators, drivers and parents if any pupil travelling on school transport is found to be misbehaving.
  • We will, where possible, integrate school transport and local bus services to benefit not only pupils but also the local communities.

Your Responsibilities

  • You should always use the correct bus, arrive at your pickup point on time and always carry your season ticket or boarding pass, if you have been issued one, with you.
  • You must not distract the driver and once the journey has started you should remain in your seat at all times, wearing a seatbelt where this is provided.
  • You must not smoke, or carry any food or drink on the vehicle with the intention of consuming the food or drink and should ensure that you do not leave either your personal belongings or any litter on the vehicle when you leave.
  • You should ensure that the aisles are kept clear of any baggage.
  • You must not damage or misuse any part of the vehicle and remember that you and your parents may be liable to pay for any such damage.
  • You should always listen to instructions given by the driver or other member of staff.
  • You must not shout, annoy, bully or harass any other person on the vehicle. Bad behaviour on the school journey will not be tolerated.

Your Rights

  • You have the right to feel safe and secure on your school journey. If you have concerns about behaviour on the vehicle or any other difficulties, you should report this to your school as soon as it happens so that action can be taken.
  • You have the right to expect a high quality service. If you feel that this is not the case, you or your parent or guardian should contact the operator of the service.
  • If you are not satisfied or if you wish to report any issues on safety or behaviour that have not been resolved by the operator, please contact Transport Co-ordination.
  • Issues about pupil behaviour should be reported to the school in the first instance and, if not resolved, you should contact the Transport Co-ordination using the details above.

Antisocial and Bad Behaviour

Most pupils behave well on school journeys, but there will be a few who misbehave and put the safety of others on the vehicle at risk.

The transport provider is required to report instances of any antisocial or bad behaviour on school transport direct to the school. The school will fully investigate any report of antisocial or bad behaviour. We will contact parents or guardians and in serious cases, the police. If appropriate, a misbehaving pupil will be refused school transport and it will then become the parent's or guardian's responsibility to make alternative transport arrangements.

Further information

If either you or your parents or guardians want to find out anything more about the transport service we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

School Transport Policy

For information about our School Transport Policy, please email

Home to School (free) Transport Clackmannanshire & Stirling

Please refer to our Home to School Transport web page or contact the Transport Co-ordination.

Privilege Pass

Please refer to our Privilege Pass web page.

Operators and services

For information about specific operators and services, please contact the operator directly (contact details will be on your Season Ticket/Boarding Pass or on the letter to parents offering school transport) or contact the Public Transport Co-ordination Unit using the details below:

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