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Notification Of Development

When planning permission has been granted for a development, and the developer has decided to start work, a Notification of Initiation of Development (NID) must be submitted to the Council as soon as practicable. Failure to give such notice is a breach of planning control.

The notice must include the date on which the development is expected to start, and the full name, address and contact details of the person carrying out the development, the landowner if that is a different person and any site agent or other person overseeing the development.

Once the development is complete, the applicant or developer must notify the Council accordingly. This is called a Notice of Completion of Development (NCD), and if the planning permission indicates that the development is to be carried out in phases, the notification must be issued as soon as practicable at the end of each phase, and then finally when the development is complete.

These procedures are intended to help the Council monitor progress on developments which have planning permission, and ensure that the developer complies with conditions attached to the permission which require details to be submitted and approved before the start of work and actions implemented before the completion of the development.

Relevant notices will be issued to applicants or agents when planning permission is granted for a development.

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Files for Notification Of Development

Adobe Acrobat file Notification of Initiation of Development - Download 560.pdf (450.12 Kb)

Adobe Acrobat file Notification of Completion of Development - Download 561.pdf (435.24 Kb)