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Application Forms - Planning (Development Quality)

  • Display Of Site Notices (Nov 16 2009 13:43)
    For certain categories of development, namely national, major or bad neighbour developments such as a hot food takeaway, public house or waste management facility, the developer must display one or more signs from when the development starts until it
  • Notification Of Development (Nov 16 2009 13:38)
    When planning permission has been granted for a development, and the developer has decided to start work, a Notification of Initiation of Development (NID) must be submitted to the Council as soon as practicable.
  • Proposal of Application Notice (Jan 6 2010 16:11)
    Proposal of Application Notice
  • Supplementary Information for developments involving commercial uses (Apr 27 2005 15:52)
    To aid Council Officers in the consideration of Industrial / Commercial or Retail type planning applications additional standard information is required. The submission of this additional information accompany a standard planning application.