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Licence - Operating an Animal Welfare Establishment

Licence - Operating an Animal Welfare Establishment

New legislation, The Animal (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (Scotland) Regulations 2021, has been introduced which requires anyone who operates an animal welfare establishment to be licenced by the council. An animal welfare establishment is any place where animals:

  • Have been abandoned, otherwise separated from their keepers

  • Animals which are sick or injured

  • Animals captured after previously living wild

and they are kept for their care. This applies only if eight animals (but five dogs or equines) are kept at the same time for their care.
It excludes:
  • Keeping animals as pets

  • Keeping animals in the capacity of a veterinary surgeon

  • Keeping an animal in the course of farming activities

  • Carrying on an activity as a boarding establishment

  • Keeping animals solely for military, police or sporting purposes

  • Keeping animals solely for education or entertainment to an audience

  • Training assistance dogs

  • Zoos

  • If the animal is free to leave land the person occupies or owns

A licence will last either one, two or three years. The factors which will influence how long a licence is issued for are:
  • The risk of licence conditions being breached by the applicant

  • The impact on animal welfare of breaches of licence conditions

  • Whether or not the applicant already meets a standard higher than that required by the licence conditions

Licence Conditions

There are general conditions and specific conditions. General conditions (Schedule 2 of the Regulations) are applied to the licence and these are prescribed in law.

The specific conditions relate to the breeding activity being licenced.

The Council may also attach any other conditions.

The general standard conditions relate to:
  • Displaying the licence

  • Keeping of records

  • Numbers of Animals

  • Staffing

  • Suitable Environment for the animals

  • Diet for the animals

  • Enrichment and Training of the animals

  • Animal Handling and Interactions

  • Protecting the animals from suffering, injury and disease

  • Emergency plans

The specific conditions are outlined in The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (Scotland) Regulations 2021 at Schedule 5.

The Council may also attach such further conditions as it considers necessary for securing the welfare of animals of animals the licence holder will be responsible for.


The application process may involve an inspection by a Veterinary Surgeon appointed by the Council. The full cost of this must be met by the applicant before a licence will be issued. The cost will vary depending on individual circumstances.

An applicant may not appoint their own Veterinary Surgeon or request a specific Veterinary Surgeon be appointed.

The Council has no control over the fees charged by a Veterinary Surgeon it appoints but the applicant will be informed, in advance where possible, what the fees are or are estimated to be.


To apply for a licence for the selling of animals as pets, or for further information regarding a licence please email

Please note that fees lodged with any Licence application are non-refundable.

For Further Information Contact

Licensing Team
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