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Cemeteries in Clackmannanshire

Cemeteries in Clackmannanshire

There are 8 cemeteries within Clackmannanshire, plus 4 churchyards and a historical burial ground. There is no crematorium in the county, the closest crematoria are located in Stirling, Falkirk and Dunfermline.

The small litter bins previously situated within our cemeteries have been replaced with brown wheelie bins situated at the cemetery entrances for use by visitors.

Location maps

Tullibody Cemetery - view location map

Tullibody Cemetery

Muckhart Cemetery - view location map

Muckhart Cemetery

Sunnyside Cemetery - view location map

Sunnyside Cemetery, Alloa Sunnyside Cemetery, Alloa

Alva Cemetery - view location map

Alva Cemetery

Clackmannan Cemetery - view location map

Clackmannan Cemetery

Dollar Cemetery - view location map

Dollar Cemetery

Dollar Cemetery extension - view location map

Tillicoultry Cemetery - view location map

Tillicoultry Cemetery Tillicoultry Cemetery

St. Serf's Churchyard - view location map
Clackmannan Churchyard - view location map
Greenside Cemetery - view location map

  • Greenside Cemetery is closed for health and safety reasons until further notice. For more information please email

Tillicoultry Churchyard - view location map
Tillicoultry Old Churchyard - view location map

Opening Times

Cemeteries are constantly open to the public 365 days per year.

Car Parking Facilities

There is car parking provided at some of the cemeteries. Due to the location of some of the cemeteries off busy main roads, it is difficult to provide more than access into the grounds themselves. The following is a guide for visitors, and further information may be obtained by contacting us using the number detailed below.

  • Alva Cemetery
    • Parking for approx 20 cars
  • Clackmannan Cemetery including Churchyard
    • Parking for approx 20 cars
  • Dollar Cemetery
    • Limited parking facilities
  • Muckhart Cemetery
    • No formal provision for car parking
  • Sunnyside Cemetery
    • Parking for approx 54 cars
  • Tillicoultry Cemetery, including Churchyard
    • Pull-in facilities off the main road which will accommodate 2 cars at the most
  • Tullibody Cemetery
    • Parking for approx 40 cars

It should be noted that car parking provided by the Council is for the convenience of cemetery users only and may only be used during opening hours.

Cemetery Plans

It is possible for us to provide plans of cemeteries. However due to the large size of some plans it will not be possible to provide a full sized copy. It will be possible in most instances to provide a copy of the relevant section where a particular lair is located.

Please contact us on the number below to discuss your particular requirements.

For Further Information Contact

Grounds Maintenance and Burial Grounds
Kelliebank Depot, Riverbank Ind Est, Alloa, FK10 1NT
Tel: 01259 450000