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Alva Woodland Park Natural Burial Site

Alva Woodland Park Natural Burial Site

It is hugely important that the final resting place for someone you love, or indeed for yourself, is right for you and your family.

Try talking to your family ahead of time to explore the available options. By telling those close to you what you want, your family and friends will find it easier to ensure you have the final resting place of your choice.

The Council provides a natural burial experience for those who wish an alternative to the more traditional approaches.  

If this is something that interests you, the Council recommends a visit to our natural burial site at Alva Woodland Park, to see for yourself exactly where it is, to meet the people who run it and to have any questions you may want answered.

The aim and spirit of Alva Woodland Park is to provide a truly natural burial ground, where non-embalming is a requirement and coffins must be biodegradable and produced in such a way that they degrade naturally.

Maintaining the natural environment

Sustainable methods are used in maintaining natural burial grounds and the surroundings are kept as natural as possible to encourage biodiversity.

To protect the site’s natural appearance, formal memorialisation is not permitted, and items cannot be left at the graveside.

This approach preserves the beauty of the landscape, while also preventing unnecessary maintenance issues and hazards to wildlife.

Only one burial per lair is possible.  

Pre-selection is not feasible nor will be reserving to accommodate family or friends being close together.

Bodies must not be embalmed as this is a process where toxic chemicals are used and not suitable for the environment. 

Each lair will be identified with a stake and a tree. A tree will be planted between October and March by the Council in the centre of the hexagonal grave. 

Trees will be indigenous species such as oak, rowan, gean, birch and hazel. 


  • Read section 13 Woodland Burial in the Management Rules for Cemeteries.
  • Respect the aims and spirit of the natural burial environment.
  • Only place natural flowers on the resting place.  The planting of snowdrops, bluebells, and pollinating seeds is acceptable.
  • Understand the importance of the body wrapping and coffin being degradable.
  • Wear appropriate clothes and footwear, remember it is a woodland.
  • Bring a portable/fold up chair for those who cannot stand for long.
  • Seek advice from our burials officers if you are not sure about anything.

Do not

  • Turn the lair into a memorial by placing any items on or surrounding the grave. Any items will be respectfully removed and stored for collection at Sunnyside Cemetery, for example
    • stones
    • letters
    • bird boxes
    • fairy lights
    • vases
    • wreaths
    • flowers or plants in plastic wrapping or pots
    • Imitation flowers or plants
    • artefacts
    • memorabilia
    • trinkets
  • Fit any type of boundary or fencing around the lair.
  • Embalm the body or wrap in non-biodegradable clothes or cloths.
  • Expect the same environment and conditions as a traditional cemetery.

Opening times

  • Monday to Friday, 9.30am-2pm


There are only 2 disabled parking bays at the site, but there is additional nearby parking at Alva Woodland Park carpark.


Please refer to our Burial Services information page for costs.

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