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Intrapreneurs Announce Proposals to Improve Local Family Wellbeing

Published on:


March 2023

Building on the success of the first Clackmannanshire Family Wellbeing Partnership Intrapreneurship Programme, the second Programme with The Lens launched on 17 November 2022. 

In January, applications were submitted by people living and working in communities and organisations across Clackmannanshire with ideas to help improve the lives of local families. The Clackmannanshire FWP has committed a fund of £75,000 to help turn these ideas into action. 

The shortlisting process has been completed with a peer-led Investment Team. Out of a total of 14 applications, 10 ideas are progressing through Developing Workshops. Some shortlisted applicants have been invited to collaborate with others in the case where similar themes were spotted to help create an even bigger impact.

The Intrapreneurs have put forward a range of ideas that they hope they will secure investment for. These include:
·    Providing a year-round school uniform bank
·    Creating safe and nurturing spaces for communities
·    Developing outdoor spaces for people with dementia
·    Offering support and community for those with sight-impairment
·    Delivering a safe and supportive environment for women and families who have experienced domestic abuse
·    Designing an outdoor learning play park with local primary schools
·    Offering a hub to provide a range of family-based creative activities
·    Increase the scope to support wellbeing programmes for refugee families
·    Focussing on support for mental wellbeing, including support for isolated parents.

Council Leader Ellen Forson said: “It’s vital that the ideas proposed for family wellbeing improvement are submitted by people who are closest to the issues – people in the community. The Intrapreneurship Programme with the Lens gives our people the opportunity and the voice to be able to create tangible and long lasting change that will have a positive impact on families throughout Clackmannanshire. 

The ideas which are now in the development stage all focus on family but still serve a wide demographic that is indicative of Clackmannanshire’s population, from children to elderly living with dementia. This is exactly what this partnership aims to achieve - a programme of improvements that are inclusive and make change for everyone Clackmannanshire.”

Through the upcoming workshops, these ideas will continue to evolve and Intrapreneurs will be given advice on how to maximise their impact throughout the community. The Intrapreneurs completed their first workshops on 20 and 21 February which centred on business storytelling and on 8 March, focussing on business modelling and value propositions. 

Investment Team Announced

On the 27 April, Intrapreneurs will present their ideas to an Investment Team in the hopes of securing funding to help turn their ideas into action. 

The Investment Team will make decisions on funding on the day and will support the teams on their journeys. Made up of a diverse range of people across Clackmannanshire, the Investment Team Members are:
·    Kristina Mullan, Parent & Member of Alloa Parent Council
·    Dave Crozier, Connect Alloa
·    Maureen McMaster, Chair of Alloa Academy Parent Council
·    Colin Melville, Clackmannanshire Third Sector Interface
The Investment Team are currently busy attending workshops designed to support them with decision-making ahead of the event. 
Further updates about how the Intrapreneurs are getting on with developing their ideas, all of which have the potential to improve the lives of families across Clackmannanshire, will be shared in the coming months. More information about the Investment Day and the chance for you to find out more about our Investment Team members will be provided.