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Inspection highlights strengths and sets the improvement agenda

Published on:


March 2023

Alva Primary School and ELC received a visit from Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Education in January 2023.

The report from Education Scotland, submitted after the visit, highlights “the positive, nurturing relationships between practitioners, children and families in the nursery.”

The report also demonstrated the impact of Clackmannanshire Council’s investment in digital technologies to support our children’s learning, when stating: “The effective use of digital technology to support and enrich children’s learning in the school. Children have useful opportunities to learn individually and in groups using digital devices. This is building their independent learning skills well.”

Chief Education Officer Colin Bruce said: “The Inspection report highlights many positives that the school community can build upon. The Inspection report also sets the improvement agenda for the road ahead and we are fully committed to deliver on areas for improvement in partnership.”

Education Spokesperson Councillor Graham Lindsay added: "I want to thank the staff, learners and parents for their ongoing commitment. I'm pleased to hear that the Council’s investment in digital technologies is supporting many of our learners and I look forward to working in partnership on the improvement journey ahead."

Alva Primary School and ELC has recently welcomed Lynda McDonald, Senior Manger – Education, who has taken on the role as Acting Headteacher. Lynda McDonald and the team are looking forward to continuing the improvement journey and supporting the Alva children and families.