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Plans for Landfill Ban in Place

Published on:


September 2019

Councillors heard today of the Council’s plans to be in a position to comply with the Scottish Government’s ban on sending biodegradable waste to landfill.  

Clackmannanshire Council’s Place Committee discussed a report setting out the steps the Council will now take in preparation. 

Under the ban – which was passed under the Waste (Scotland) Regulations legislation in 2012 – no biodegradable municipal waste will be allowed to be sent to landfill sites from 1 January 2021.

Councillors heard that a short-term contract has been put in place for the processing and treatment of Clackmannanshire’s 8,000 tonnes a year of residual waste. This is the waste that residents place in the green bin and goes to landfill. 

This will allow the Council time to consider and explore a long term solution for dealing with residual waste, potentially in partnership with other local authorities. 

Place Committee Vice Convenor Cllr Donald Balsillie said: “As a Council we are wholeheartedly behind the Scottish Government’s commitment to ending the practice of sending biodegradable municipal waste to landfill.  With our comparatively low levels of waste going to landfill  it makes sense to do this in collaboration with the Scottish Materials Brokerage Service and neighbouring authorities, both in the short and long term, to address Climate Change whilst  providing economies of scale and value for money.”

A report on the longer term solution for non-recyclable waste will be brought to a future Council meeting.