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St Mungo's RC Primary

Published on:


November 2018

St Mungo’s Roman Catholic Primary School will remain located at Alloa Academy in the medium term, following the receipt of two external reports into the condition of the primary school and a drainage investigation.

A report to the People Committee (1 November) heard that to ensure the safety of pupils and staff, St Mungo’s was decanted to a contained area within Alloa Academy in April.  This followed issues with damp which have been occurring for some time in the primary school, despite repairs being undertaken.

Detailed inspections of the school have been undertaken during that time, and two external reports have now been received.  A report into the current condition of the property and to provide advice on repairs that affect the fabric and structural integrity of St Mungo’s estimates the cost of repairs at approximately £1.8 million. 

A subsequent investigation report to examine the issue of water gathering in the foundations of the school showed complex groundwater conditions in the area, and that it was difficult to identify a specific feature that is likely to be responsible for the entry of water to the site.  The reports do not provide guarantees that the cost of the repairs can be limited to £1.8million, or that the dampness would not return in the future.


The parent councils of St Mungo’s and Alloa Academy were updated on the issues at a meeting in September, and a letter was sent to all parents.  At the meeting, parents raised some about matters such as school toilets, lunch time arrangements

and school grounds. These have now been reviewed and changes have been put in place and a development plan is being taken forward for the school grounds. Regular meetings have been arranged between the chairs from both parent councils and officers of the Council, including the two headteachers, to maintain an ongoing dialogue with parents.

While the school remains contained within Alloa Academy in the medium term, plans for the longer term future of St Mungo’s will be developed further and discussed with the school community as they are developed.

Education Spokesperson Cllr Graham Lindsay said: “I know that this has been a concerning time for parents and the school community, and I’d like to thank them for all the hard work that has ensured that the young people attending St Mungo’s and Alloa Academy continue to receive a good educational experience in a safe environment.  There are opportunities from being situated within Alloa Academy, such as the facilities on offer and we are keen to ensure that St.Mungo’s is able take advantage of these. Officers will now start work on considering future plans for St Mungo’s, and will continue to keep talking with the parent councils to ensure that they are kept up to date.”