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Listen Up for Noise Action Week

Published on:


May 2017

Noise from neighbours is one of the most common noise complaints, and recent government research shows we are now more bothered by noise than we were ten years ago.

Noise Action Weeks runs from 22-27 May, and whether it's because we're making more noise or have become less tolerant exposure to unwanted noise affects our health and well-being through disturbed sleep and preventing us relaxing at home. Typical complaints include:-

  • Loud music and parties - music, house parties and noise from TVs and audio equipment are common complaints. As the party flows into the late evening don't let the noise levels creep up. Your enjoyment could be your neighbour's nightmare.
  • Dogs - dog barking is another of the most complained about neighbour noises. If you leave your dog at home while you are at work ensure they have had good exercise session to tire them out before you leave. Good dog care and training can help to reduce this problem.
  • Noise outdoors - when the weather gets warmer and windows are more likely to be open we tend to move to the outdoors. While your garden might be an 'outdoor room', remember it doesn't have walls. Anything you do in the garden is overheard by neighbours - whether it is windchimes, DIY or gardening with power tools. And remember night shift workers who are trying to sleep during the daytime.
  • Alarms - alarms going off accidentally can be extremely annoying. Join a local key holder registration scheme.
  • Transport Noise - try to avoid aggressive, noisy driving and choose quieter vehicles and tyres.

If you have an issue about nuisance from noise use the Report It system, email or call 01259 450000