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Muckhart community council election results

Published on:


October 2016

The voters of Muckhart have elected their Community Council members. A postal ballot was held to allow voters to elect 12 candidates to become their representatives on the Community Council. It was a first past the post style election whereby the 12 candidates who polled the highest number of votes were elected. Voters could vote for one or more candidates, but no more than 12.

Depute Returning Officer, Andrew Hunter presided over the counting of votes which took place on Friday 21st October in the Coronation Hall, Muckhart, under the eyes of several candidates, and involved a count staff of eight council officers. He said: "45% of voters returned their ballot paper. This is a tremendous response from the people of Muckhart."

Provost Derek Stewart attended the count. He said: "It is always an exciting opportunity to be involved in the democratic process, and it is particularly encouraging to see it in action at a local level within the communities of Clackmannanshire.

"The importance given to the role of a Community Councillor is demonstrated here by the fact that the election for Muckhart was contested. It is a pleasure to see the commitment the people of Muckhart have shown to the election process. Congratulations to the candidates for their participation in this election."

Full details of the results can be found on ClacksWeb