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Tullibody South Campus Consultation

Published on:


April 2016

The formal public consultation on two options for the location of a new school and community campus in Tullibody is now complete.

The Council agreed at a special meeting earlier this year to hold a formal consultation on the proposed development of a new Tullibody South Campus, including Abercromby Primary School, St Bernadette's R.C. Primary School, a nursery and a locality hub.

The consultation, which ran for six weeks, asked for opinions on two options:
- Option A - a new Tullibody South Campus located within the grounds of the present Abercromby Primary School
- Option B - a new Tullibody South Campus located within the grounds of the present Tullibody Civic Centre.

In option A, the new campus, including the nursery and locality hub, would be built within the grounds of the existing Abercromby Primary School. Education would continue to take place in the current buildings until the new premises were ready. At this point St Bernadette's R.C. Primary School would be relocated to the campus along with the children of Abercromby Primary School. Both current school buildings and Tullibody Civic Centre would then be demolished with state-of-the-art community facilities transferring to the new campus. This is called a 'Tandem Build' and would be managed in a safe and secure way. Traffic management arrangements are already in place and would require only limited modification after the construction and demolition period.

In option B, the new campus would be built within the grounds of the present Tullibody Civic Centre. The construction of the new schools on this site would not disrupt learning as the populations would transfer when the new premises were ready. This development would also incorporate facilities for the enhanced community use of the adjoining playing fields. Joint planning with partners and interested parties would take place to ensure a smooth transition to the campus facilities and resolve any stakeholder concerns.

Neither option involves building on Tullibody Public Park while both options offer the chance to create modern, integrated leisure facilities and spaces for community use.

The Scottish Government has confirmed that this project will benefit from funding under the Schools for the Future Programme.

The consultation programme included a number of face-to-face engagement events with stakeholders and two well attended public meetings. Over 300 members of the public have given their views on the two options via an online survey, while views were also collected via paper surveys.

A consultation report is now being drafted with a view to a decision being taken by full council later in the year.