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Private Deposits held by Clackmannanshire Archives

Private Deposits held by Clackmannanshire Archives

Private deposit material
Ref Subject Dates Material
PD3 Miscellaneous notes on Clackmannan compiled by the Rev. T. Crouther Gordon 20th century [Notes and Papers]
PD9 Clackmannan Agricultural Society 1886-1964 [Minutes and Abstracts of Accounts]
PD10 Amalgamated Society of Associated Carpenters & Joiners of Scotland, Alloa Branch 1864-1941 [Minutes, Accounts, Roll of Members &c]
PD11 Alloa Grain Market 1850-1885 [Ledgers]
PD14 Hunter & Donaldson, Alva including Coblecrook Dyeing Company and Hillfoots Hosiery Company 1877-1959 [Ledgers, Journals, Correspondence &c]
PD18 Townhead Lunch & Tea Rooms 1933-1968 [Wages Book, Cash Books & Account Books]
PD20 T. Ramsay, chemist, Alloa 1918-1954 [Drugs Registers]
PD25 Order of Rechabites [Alloa Branch] 1893-1949 [Minute Books, Contribution Books &c]
PD26 British Women's Temperance Association [Clackmannan Branch] 1880-1952 [Minute Books, Cash Books &c]
PD27 Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds c.1945-1951 [Minute Books, Contribution Account Books &c]
PD39 Alloa Unionist Men's Club 1901-1963 [Minutes & Cash Books]
PD45 Alva Community Association 1970-1980 [Minute Books & Correspondence]
PD46 Haig of Dollarfield Papers 1768-1839 [Letters &c]
PD48 Tullibody [Barony] Poors Fund 1704-1965 [Accounts &c]
PD54 Clackmannan Titles & Related Papers 1777-1906 [Legal Deeds]
PD57 Alloa & District Business & Professional Women's Club 1944-1982 [Minutes, Treasurer's Book &c]
PD79 Alexander Forrester-Paton Memorial Housing Association Limited 1954-1985 [Minutes, Correspondence &c]
PD104 R.N. McEwan, painters and decorators, Alloa 1892-1946 [Letter Book, Account Books &c]
PD106 The Lodge of Alloa, No. 69 1757-1985 [Minutes, Attendance Books &c]
PD117 Devon Valley Tribune 1903-1953 [Unbound Newspapers (run incomplete)]
PD118 Glenochil Distillery 1858-1936 [Correspondence, Deeds & Insurance Policies]
PD124 Alloa Bowling Club 1880-1988 [Minutes, Cash Book &c]
PD128 Alloa Parish Charity School 1838-1847 [List of Subscribers]
PD190 W.H. Henry Collection 20th century [Photographs &c]
PD201 Clackmannan Pageant 1949 [Film]
PD202 Alloa Music Club 1963-1980 [Minutes]
PD203 Bayne Family Documents [Kincardine &c] 1713-1972 [Writs &c]
PD204 Alloa Ragged & Industrial School / Alloa Industrial Home / Alloa Day Home 1872-1950 [Minutes &c]
PD205 Alva Amateur Swimming Club 1903-1953 [Minutes &c]
PD206 The Lady Norton Lodge No. 667 1893-1898 [Minutes &c]
PD207 Alloa Allotments Association 1909-1998 [Minutes &c]
PD208 Harland Ski Club 1967-1986 [Minutes &c]
PD209 Clackmannan Local Militia 1808-1815 [Orderly Book]
PD210 Sauchie District Public Hall 1912-1993 [Minutes &c]
PD211 Tillicoultry Golf Club 1899-1987 [Minutes &c]
PD212 British Order of Ancient Free Gardeners, Newtonshaw Thistle Lodge, No. 212 1890-1933 [Minutes &c]
PD213 Independent Order of Rechabites, Gem of Gartmorn Tent, Sauchie 1901-1933 [Minutes, Financial Records &c]
PD214 Robert Melvin Ltd, Engineers, Bridge-builders and Iron-founders, Alloa 1918-1925 [Register of Directors &c]
PD215 Alva Garden Guild 1944-1977 [Minutes, Correspondence &c]
PD216 Alva Glen Water Company 1892-1917 [Cash Book]
PD217 Andrew L. Mitchell, Builder and Joiner, Alloa 1844-c.1900 [Notebooks &c]
PD218 Alloa Newspaper Collections 1856-1973 [Bound Newspapers (run incomplete)]
PD219 Tillicoultry News 1879-1887 [Unbound Newspapers (run incomplete)]
PD220 Tillicoultry Youth Club & Playscheme 1964-2000 [Minutes &c]
PD221 Sauchie & District Old Age Pensioners Association 1951-1952 [Constitution, Minutes & Register of Members]
PD222 Alloa Burial Indexes 1996 [Burial Indexes]
PD223 Clackmannanshire Deeds 1801-1818 [Legal Deeds]
PD224 Patons & Baldwins Cricket Club 1925-1962 [Minute Book]
PD225 St John's Cricket Club 1900-1924 [Minute Books]
PD226 St John's Men's Club 1965-1974 [Minute Book]
PD227 Patons & Baldwins Collection 1872-1999 [Corporate, Financial, Production Records &c.]
PD228 Alloa Architectural Plans 1849-c.1904 [Plans & Elevations]
PD229 Clackmannanshire Horticultural Society 1930-2003 [Minutes, Financial Records &c]
PD230 Norwood Ladies' Swimming Club 1899-1940 [Minute Book]
PD231 Murdeston Collection of Clackmannanshire and Lanarkshire Documents 1475-c.1889 [Legal Deeds &c]
PD232 Scottish Women's Rural Institutes. Stirling, Clackmannan & West Fife Federation 1954-1998 [Minute Books &c]
PD233 Paton & Sons (Tillicoultry) Ltd 1981-1983 [Financial Records]
PD234 Writs and Title Deeds Relating to Subjects in Erskine Street, Alva 1788-1949 [Legal Deeds &c]
PD235 Papers of Robert Rankine c.1900-1999 [Minute Books, Financial Records &c]
PD236 Plans, Index and Notes relating to Alloa Churchyard late 20th century [Plans, Index & Notes]
PD237 Tillicoultry Estate Records 1749-1971 [Chartularies, Plans, & c]
PD238 Letters of Alexander Forrester-Paton 1850-1878 [Letters]
PD239 Johnstone of Alva Papers 1552-1929 [Correspondence, Journals, &c. including Ferguson of Craigdarroch Papers relating to Jacobite Rising of 1715, &c.]
PD240 Scott of Thankerton Papers 1893-1896 [Correspondence, Schedules, &c.]
PD241 Clackmannanshire Oral History Projects c.1985-2003 [Recordings, Transcripts , &c.]
PD242 Alloa & Hillfoots Advertiser / Stirling Advertiser 1998-2002 [Unbound newspapers (run incomplete)]
PD243 Alexander Thomson, Plumber 1931-1971 [Accounts Book]
PD244 Harrower / Bowie Family Papers 1868 [Family Bible]
PD245 Papers of A.S. Cowper, Alva 20th century [Notes and Cuttings]
PD246 Ochil House Documents c.1790-1830 [Bills &c]
PD247 Alloa Society of Natural History & Archaeology c.1900 [Constitution and Rules]
PD248 John Melvin & Son, Architects c.1914-1954 [Plans and Elevations]
PD249 Alloa Colliery New School 1820 [Religious Exercises]
PD250 Photographic Archive relating to John Younger of Alloa c.1900-2005 [Glass Slides, CDs and Notes]
PD251 Menstrie Church Sabbath School 1886-1904 [Minute Book and Cash Book]
PD252 Third Statistical Account of Scotland c.1950 [Notes]
PD253 British Electrical Plant Company / Harland Engineering Company / Weir Pumps Records 1900-1986 [Minutes, Magazines &c.]
PD254 Estate Records from Russel & Aitken, W.S., Falkirk c.1880s [Plans, &c.]
PD255 Cogwheels Centre for the Unemployed c.1988 - 1993 [Minutes, &c.]
PD256 Notes relating to the Tulloch Family c.1874 - 1955 [Cuttings, charts and certificates]
PD257 Alva Co-operative Society Ltd. 1961 - 1968 [Receipt Book]
PD258 Alloa Friendly Society for Sickness and Death 1823 - 1844 [Minute Book and Contributions Book]
PD259 Papers of Captain John Stephens 1938 - 1967 [Scrap Book, Correspondence &c.]
PD260 Papers of Mrs Catherine Eccles, Tillicoultry c. 1850 - 1912

[Family Bible]

PD261 Alloa Burns Club 1849 - 2020  Minute books, account books, menu cards, reference material.
PD262 Deerpark Youth Theatre 1963 - 2023  Scrapbooks of production photos & artwork

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