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Bids for UK Government City Region Deal Funding

The call for bids to the UK Government element of funding have now closed. The Clackmannanshire Commission will invite a selection of these bidders to submit a more detailed application early next year.

City Deal in Clackmannanshire

In September 2016 the leaders of Stirling and Clackmannanshire Councils made a joint commitment to a City Deal for the region. The Councils worked together to develop a single, clear, consistent bid for the region and were pleased that an investment of £90.2 million from both Scottish and UK Governments was announced in the Heads of Terms Agreement in May 2018.

Once full business cases have been developed and approved Clackmannanshire is set to benefit from:

  • Scotland's International Environment Centre with both Skills and Training Facilities and an Environmental Business Incubator in Alloa.
  • Skills and Inclusion for Lone Parents. To complement the region wide Skills and Inclusion Programme (see below) the UK Government will invest in a programme focused on assisting lone parents to achieve their potential.
  • Clackmannanshire based Capital Projects. In order to achieve an investment balance across the region the UK Government will invest in projects to be developed collaboratively with Clackmannanshire Council and other local partners as part of the Deal.
  • Wetlands Centre. Whilst no funding was made available the Heads of Terms agreement indicated support for Clackmannanshire Council to work with regional partners and RSPB to explore opportunities and possible synergies for a new wetlands centre on the River Forth.
  • A Digital Hub in Alloa
  • A share of Capital Investment in Culture, Heritage and Tourism Assets. In recognition of the very significant opportunities to strengthen the regional economy's offering, investment in culture, heritage and tourism will form a key part of the Deal.
  • A programme of Skills and Inclusion which will ensure that businesses and communities throughout the Region are given the opportunity to engage in and benefit from the opportunities arising from the investments delivered through the Deal.
  • Active Travel. The development of new and improved Active Travel routes throughout the Region. Transport Scotland will work with the partners to identify investments to improve regional connectivity between Stirling and Alloa and outlying settlements.
  • A Regional Energy Masterplan. This will be developed to support the region's low carbon ambitions.

Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal Signed

26 February 2020

Stirling and Clackmannanshire City Region Deal Signed

City Region Deals

City Region Deals offer the potential for new collaborative regional partnerships, focused on long-term strategic approaches to improving regional economies. They can deliver positive outcomes in line with Scottish and UK Government policy: they encourage Local Authorities to operate strategically at the regional level and they can support a long-term focus on the priorities required to deliver Scotland's Economic Strategy. Each deal is bespoke to the city region and will include a package of measures designed to work as a coherent whole.

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