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Buying Properties from the local open market

Buying Properties from the local open market

How many properties has the Council purchased and where?

The Council acquire properties on the open market as part of the policy initiative of providing additional housing for people in housing need. It has proved a swift and flexible way of meeting housing need and is able to provide housing for people with a specialist housing need. The properties are spread across the Council area as detailed below.

Bought properties across Clackmannanshire
Location 1 bed 2 bed 3 bed 4 bed Total
Alloa 18 8 7 1 34
Alva 3 1     4
Clackmannan   3 2   5
Coalsnaughton   1   4 5
Devonside 1       1
Dollar 2 1     3
Menstrie     1   1
Sauchie 5 7 2 1 15
Tillicoultry 6 3 2   11
Tullibody   5 3   8
Total 35 29 19 6 87

All properties meet the Scottish Government's value for money benchmark criteria, and prices paid reflect work required to bring the properties up to the current high standards set for rental property.

What properties will the Council consider?

The Council considers properties which are being actively marketed for sale in the local area, through property sales websites. The properties need to have a current home report and be offered for sale, with the Council able to obtain vacant possession for the property within a mutually agreeable timescale.

The properties we are looking for are those in high demand locations and of the size most needed for the local area. This varies from area to area and is subject to change over time.

How will I know if Council is interested in my property?

If your property is for sale and the Council is interested, we will make contact with your estate agent to arrange a viewing.

What will the Council do during a viewing?

We need to ensure that the condition of your property is suitable for our stock and maintenance regimes. We will check what work will be needed for the property to meet our standards in the short, medium and longer term. If we are interested in your property, we may send our own surveyor out to assess its current condition.

What happens if my property goes to a closing date?

It is not our intention to bid against other prospective buyers. Therefore, if a closing date has been set, we will not make an offer or, if an offer has already been made, it is highly unlikely we will make a higher offer.

Why does the Council only consider properties being actively marketed for sale? Why can't I just call you direct?

We need sellers to be in a position to provide homes at an agreed date, with vacant possession. This is easier if sellers have already made the commitment to market their home for sale independently of any discussions with the Council as to whether we may or may not be interested in purchasing it.

Properties advertised openly makes it easier to see prices compared to similar properties which are currently for sale or recently sold.

How does the Council fund the purchases?

The Council is partly funded by the Scottish Government through their Affordable Housing Investment Program. In 2019/20, Clackmannanshire will benefit from around £6.5 million funding to help provide additional affordable housing in the area, both purchased on the open market and new build projects with Registered Social Landlords.

The Council requires approval from the Scottish Government to purchase homes from the open market and to provide funding to assist with the purchases and renovations of the units. As an example; a property with a purchase price of £90,000 plus upgrade work of £10,000 totalling £100,000 will be funded with £40,000 from the Scottish Government and £60,000 from the Council.

New build supply are funded at a slightly higher rate but require additional approval from the Scottish Government prior to purchase.

The Council funds their contribution from the Housing Revenue Account (HRA) which is a legally ring fenced account funded by tenants rent and receives no direct funding from Council Tax.

What price will the Council offer for my property if they are interested in purchasing it?

Like all buyers, the Council will offer a price it feels is reasonable, dependent on a number of factors. This will include (but is not limited to) the home report valuation, current condition and repairs needed, investment works required for the future and availability of other similar homes.

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