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Gaelic Language Plan Agreed

Published on:


June 2015

Clackmannanshire Council's first Gaelic Language Plan (2015-20) which sets out how we will promote and use Gaelic in the local area, has been approved for submission to the Brd na Gidhlig (the Gaelic Board).

The five-year plan was developed in line with the requirements of the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005, which means the Council has a legal obligation to have a Plan, and in conjunction with Brd na Gidhlig. The Plan will help the Council raise awareness, promote and develop the Gaelic language, heritage and culture for our current and future residents.

To make sure all local residents had an opportunity to contribute to the shape and direction of the plan, the Council undertook a public consultation exercise on the draft plan. Though the response was modest, of those, around two thirds agreed that the plan reflects the right priorities for Gaelic in Clackmannanshire.

Council Leader Les Sharp said: "We are required by law to produce a Gaelic Language Plan, and in doing so give equal respect to the Gaelic language in recognition of its status as one of Scotland's national languages.
"Since Clackmannanshire does not have a large number of people who speak Gaelic today, the council will take a positive but proportionate approach in our efforts to promote the Gaelic language, particularly in light of our ongoing financial constraints.

"For instance, signage or significant publications will be only be updated with Gaelic when due to be replaced, or if new signage is being considered.."

In taking forward the Gaelic Language Plan, Clackmannanshire Council recognises that our contribution will help to sustain and develop the Gaelic language and its place as an integral part of our commitment to our local heritage and that of Scotland. The plan sets out the practical steps which Clackmannanshire Council will take to support Gaelic language.

A copy of the plan can be accessed by visiting ClacksWeb.

Notes to Editors

Clackmannanshire does not have a large Gaelic speaking community. The 2011 Census
showed only 180 persons of the Clackmannanshire population understand but do not speak, read or write Gaelic, whilst 134 persons speak, read and write Gaelic.
In our shared education service with Stirling Council, we provide 71 places in Gaelic
Education. They are based across these following locations:

  • Riverside Primary School provides Gaelic Medium Education (GME), learning and teaching in Gaelic across all subject areas, with the catchment area available across Stirling and Clackmannanshire. There are currently 50 pupils enrolled in GME at Riverside.
  • At Wallace High School, Gaelic is available both as a course for fluent speakers, and as a modern Language for all students. Currently there are 21 pupils, with some working towards Higher and National 5 qualifications

There are two Gaelic organisations situated in Clackmannanshire. Croileagan Clach Mhanainn is a Gaelic Medium pre-school group for children aged 0-5. Croileagan Clach Mhanainn is based in Menstrie and led by a Gaelic speaking play leader from Barra. Children are introduced to the Gaelic language through the medium of song and play. There is also a multi-level Gaelic Language class which runs term time at the Ben Cleuch Centre in Tillicoultry on Tuesdays from 1.30-3.30pm. The class supports beginners to intermediate language levels and is taught using small groups and whole class approaches so that learners can not only learn from the tutor, but from the support of others