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Waste and Recycling Information

Waste and Recycling Information

Keeping people safe from the spread of Coronavirus has meant that we have had to make changes to the way we work. During this time we must concentrate on the services that will help us to do this and that we, as a council, must deliver by law.

To ensure we have enough people to do what we need to do, we have made some changes to the services we provide which we have detailed below. Some services have had to be temporarily suspended in line with national guidance and our staff are working hard to ensure we continue to provide the other essential refuse services. 

To support local authorities, Zero Waste Scotland have produced an information guide with tips and advice on how to reduce the amount of household waste.

Please keep checking this page for the latest updates to our services. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this challenging time. 

Service Status
What to do with your waste if you have Coronavirus symptoms 

If you have symptoms of Coronavirus or live with someone who does, you must store your personal waste for example used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths securely within a disposable plastic bag and then bagged again.  The bags should be securely tied or sealed and kept separate from other waste. This must be stored for at least 72 hours inside your property before being put in your non-recyclable waste bin (green bin). Other household waste can be disposed of as normal.

Requests for Additional Services

Requests for additional bins/additional capacity and assisted collections are now being processed, however, we are working through a backlog which is initially being worked through. We appreciate your patience.

Recycling and Waste Collections 
Green Bins

Green bin collections operating as normal. Please ensure your bin is presented for collection for 7am as there may be changes to your collection time. If you have symptoms of Coronavirus you must follow the guidance above.              

Blue Bins

Blue bin collections operating as normal. Please ensure your bin is presented for collection for 7am as there may be changes to your collection time. Do not put used tissues in your blue bin – put these in your green bin instead.

Brown Bins

Brown bin collections operating as normal for Permit Holders only. Please ensure your bin is out for 7am as there may be changes to your collection time.

Food Waste

Food waste collections operating as normal. Please ensure your kerbside food waste bin is presented for collection for 7am as there may be changes to your collection time.

If you have more waste than usual

We will not collect additional waste left beside or on top of bins. If you have more waste than usual, recycle as much as you can in your bins.

Make more space in your bins by:

  • squashing plastic bottles (squash and put the cap back on)
  • squashing cans
  • flattening cardboard completely and stick it flat down the side of the bin as the bin fills up
  • squashing waste in the kitchen bin. If you don’t want to touch the waste, take an old plastic bag to cover your hand and push down on the bin contents

Don’t compact waste in your wheeled bin. It may not empty properly, leaving you with a half-emptied bin.

Please do not place rubble or heavy waste in your bin. Excessively heavy bins will not be collected.

Your help with this will preserve public health, prevent vermin, protect the health and safety of our staff and minimise waste.

Communal Bins All our communal bin services are currently running.
Collections of Bulky Waste Items

Bulky uplifts service is operating as normal. This is for the removal of household items that are too big to fit into your bin ie broken furniture, domestic appliances, carpets, cardboard etc. Please note that this is not for excess household bagged waste.

Glass Banks Glass banks are being emptied as normal.
Forthbank Waste Recycling Centre 

Please visit our Forthbank Recycling Centre Updates web page for full details and guidelines.

You can now visit Forthbank 7 days a week without making an appointment, except for larger vans or trailers who must book in advance.

To avoid disappointment, please make sure you have carefully read all the instructions before you arrive.

Please also bear in mind that we are not back to business as usual and that significant safety measures have been put in place to help maintain the safety and welfare of both staff and residents.

Commercial Waste Collections Service (and charges) will be suspended if businesses are required to close as a result of the virus restrictions. We will contact customers individually for clarification on their position.
Litter Bins, Dog Waste and Street Cleansing

Please also note we are running a reduced street cleansing service including street sweeping and litter bin emptying. Please take litter/dog waste home with you where possible.