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Staff FAQs

Staff FAQs

Within the workplace

The Scottish Government are lifting many restrictions that were in place. I have been working remotely. Does this mean that I should come in to my place of work?

Our Future Ways of Working group has been looking at our working practices going forward over a period of several months. When this work concludes and recommendations agreed we will be looking to introduce a more flexible hybrid model of working for staff whose job roles allow for this. However this move will be gradual.

Staff who have been working remotely will continue to work as they have been but may be asked to attend an office location more frequently than over the last two years.

What measures remain in place for Council offices?

In line with the Scottish Government's Strategic framework we have introduced measures based on Covid levels ie Low Medium and High. 

The following apply:

  • We have reduced the 2m distancing to 1m distancing in our buildings
  • We will continue to promote the Covid Sense & Distance awareness campaigns
  • We have increased the capacity of our Council premises to 50% maximum
  • Face coverings are no longer mandatory, but are encouraged particularly when moving around buildings or in busy or more confined areas.
  • Desks should continue to be wiped down at the start and end of each day
  • We encourage staff to continue to maintain hand hygiene
  • The capacity of meeting rooms and floors has been increased and notices displayed to advise
How can I report something which I think is unsafe?

You can use the near miss form to report any situation in the workplace which you think is unsafe. It would be helpful if you could be as specific as possible, and be prepared to talk to your line manager or the H&S team about the concern you are raising.

Guidance on sickness absence

What are main symptoms of Covid-19?

Information on covid symptoms is available on NHS Inform.

What should I do if I have Covid symptoms?

If you are unwell or have symptoms of Covid, normal sickness reporting/sick pay will apply.

No member of staff should attend the workplace who is displaying the symptoms of Covid. In the same way as other contagious illnesses, for example chickenpox, you should also not return to work until you are no longer contagious under the government guidelines.

I have cold symptoms not Covid symptoms what should I do?

We would encourage staff, irrespective of the illness, to refrain from work if they are feeling unwell.

Colds/Flu/Norovirus and other illness are easily spread so please think carefully about coming to work when unwell.

Good hand hygiene is encouraged and while face coverings are no longer mandatory, they are encouraged particularly in busy or more confined areas or when moving around the building.

Covid Testing

You can find the most up to date information about Coronavirus on the NHS Inform website.

Will I still be able to get a PCR test?

Most people no longer need to take a coronavirus test and should follow guidance on staying at home if unwell.

Testing remains available to specific groups in order to protect highest risk settings and support clinical care.

What is the guidance around testing for Health and Social Care Workers?
  • Adult care homes (staff)  
    • Twice weekly LFD and once weekly PCR (NSS)
  • Care at home  
    • Twice weekly LFD (NSS direct or NSS via PPE hubs)
  • Adult day centres  
    • Twice weekly LFD (PPE hubs)
  • Personal assistants  
    • Twice weekly LFD (PPE hubs)

Scottish Government isolation guidance remains in place for health and social care staff.

Higher Risk People

The Higher Risk List ended on 31 May 2022. You can find out more information and advice from the Scottish Government website.

If you are in the Higher Risk category an Individual Risk Assessment (IRA) will be carried out as part of any return to an office environment. We would advise any staff member who may have an underlying condition which they have not disclosed to ensure that their manager is made aware of this.

Outside the workplace

Where can I find out about current Scottish Government guidance?

Visit the Scottish Government website.

Covid vaccination programme

You will find more information about the Covid vaccination programme on the NHS Inform website. We would encourage you to take any Covid-19 vaccinations which are available to you.