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Social Distancing Rules for Businesses

Social Distancing Rules for Businesses

Environmental Health now have powers to deal with businesses who do not follow Coronavirus social distancing rules.  Our approach aims to achieve compliance through engagement, explanation and encouragement with enforcement as a last resort.  We are here to help everyone comply with this new law. 

The regulations, detail all the rules including which businesses may open, those that must close and the social distancing requirements that must be followed.

Businesses must take a responsible attitude to these vital health protection rules.  Coronavirus is the biggest public health emergency the world has known for generations, and these measures will save lives. 

Those in charge of a business allowed to operate are now required by law to ensure 2 metres distance between people on their premises.  They must only admit people in sufficiently small numbers to enable that distance to be maintained.  They are also responsible for making sure people waiting to enter their premises also keep 2 metres apart. The only exception is when there are 2 people from the same household, or a carer and the person assisted by the carer.

If you are a business operator and not sure of what is supposed to be done please email  We are here to help and advise.  We are committed to keeping you operating safely and in accordance with this critical legislation. 

If anyone is concerned or has information about a business not following the new rules, please email us at  We need this information so that we can help businesses get it right and ensure they fully understand what they are supposed to do.  This will help us engage with them and help them continue to trade by following the rules. 

We are reaching out to businesses still operating in Clackmannanshire, providing information, help and guidance.  This is followed up with checks to make sure everything is being done safely.

Car Wash Businesses

Scottish Government guidance encourages any non-essential businesses to close.  In addition, while a car wash might remain open with social distancing in place, the journey to the car wash by a customer may be viewed by police as a non-essential journey. 

If a car wash business decides to remain open they must be able to demonstrate safe social distancing in and around the business premises and comply with all other standard health and safety requirements.