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Site Inspections during Coronavirus

Site Inspections during Coronavirus

Updated 18 May 2021

Building Standards – guidance for customers 

Key Points
  • You must provide 3 working days notice of any required Construction, Compliance & Notification Plan (CCNP) inspections to
  • We aim to adopt the use of alternative evidence in place of physical inspections where possible. However, the use of alternative evidence is entirely at our discretion and must be prior discussed and agreed. Submitting alternative evidence without this prior agreement may not be accepted.
  • You must submit all certification and alternative evidence through the e-buildingstandards portal. However, email submissions to will be accepted for small scale domestic projects, who may not have access to an e-buildingstandards account.
  • You will be asked what safety measures you have in place, in response to Covid-19.
  • Social distancing measures must be in place at-all times. If at any time our staff do not feel safe on-site, the inspection will be immediately cancelled and asked to be re-arranged.
  • Our staff will follow any specific Covid-19 measures in place on-site.

Processes and procedures have been developed to ensure the safety of staff and customers carrying out our on-site verification duties in relation to Building Warrants and Completion Certificates.

The Construction, Compliance and Notification Plan (CCNP) issued with your Building Warrant identifies when you need to inform us of key construction stages.

It is vital that you continue to notify us in line with the CCNP to allow us to discuss with you the best way for us to carry out the verification of your project.

In line with Government Guidance we will initially aim to carry out inspections using alternative evidence such as photographs, with physical inspections only being undertaken in those cases where we deem it necessary. However, it must be stressed that the use of alternative evidence is entirely at our discretion and will only be accepted by prior discussion and agreement with Building Standards.

You must still provide 3 working days notice of any required inspection to allow us to determine the most appropriate method for satisfying the requirements of the CCNP. Failure to do so may result in disruptive surveys and cause delays in issuing Completion Certificates.

Do not submit alternative evidence that has not had prior agreement as there is a possibility that it will not be accepted.

You should notify us by emailing providing the Building Warrant reference number, the Key Stage inspection required and your contact details, including a name and phone number.

You must also confirm the measures in place in relation to Covid-19 to allow for an inspection to take place safely, if required.

In all cases, paperwork and certification should be submitted electronically via the e-buildingstandards portal.

Email submissions to will be only accepted for small scale domestic projects who may not have access to an e-building standards online account.

When submitting certification, please ensure the Completion Certificate submission is uploaded as a separate document (pdf) from the other information. The EPC, electrical certificate etc should be sent as a separate pdf.

If the Completion Certificate is not submitted separately we will be unable to accept the certificate.

If at any time during an inspection, our staff do not feel safe or satisfied that adequate measures are in place and being followed, then they will politely cancel the inspection and ask that it be rearranged.

Notifying Building Standards for CCNP inspections

  • You must notify Building Standards 3 working days prior to any key stage CCNP inspection at providing a building warrant reference number, the property address and a contact name and number that can be used by our staff to contact you.
  • Building Standards will make contact to determine how best to satisfy the requirements of the CCNP (ie site inspection or submission of alternative evidence such as photographs).

Site inspection requirements

Following government advice, we have undertaken risk assessments and implemented safe working practises to ensure the health and safety of our staff and customers during site inspections.

Customers also have a responsibility to ensure safe working practices are in place to allow us to carry out our site inspections. Please be aware that we will always ask to rearrange inspections should any perceived Covid risk be present.

Alternative evidence - requirements

The use of alternative evidence must be prior agreed with Building Standards. We retain the right to refuse any photographic evidence if we feel that the submission is not suitable for verification purposes.

The duty to provide satisfactory alternative evidence remains solely with the applicant/responsible person.

Please refer to ‘Notifying Building Standards for CCNP inspections’ section above.

  • If alternative evidence has been agreed, any submitted photographs should be clear and unambiguous, showing the work in-detail and in-context. Blurry, dark and/or unclear photographs will not be accepted.
  • Any photographs should be submitted through the e-building standards online portal. Email submissions to buildingstandards@clacks will be only accepted for small scale domestic projects who may not have access to an e-building standards online account.
  • Any photographs should be submitted in a sequential and logical order with clear file names.
  • Any email submissions must be accompanied with a Building Warrant reference number, the stage of CCNP inspection being satisfied, the address of the works and telephone contact details should further discussion be required.

For Further Information Contact

Building Standards
Kilncraigs, Greenside Street, Alloa, FK10 1EB
Tel: 01259 450000